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Becky Lynch was ‘blacked out’ and on ‘autopilot’ during her iconic Raw moment

During her appearance on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show this afternoon (Mon., Dec. 10), SmackDown Women’s champ Becky Lynch got real with the ESPN host about the amazing scene at the end of Nov. 12’s Raw which cemented Lynch as the hottest act in WWE.

Amazingly enough, Becky says she was so rocked by Nia Jax inadvertantly punching her in the face and breaking her nose that she doesn’t remember running roughshod over the other women in the ring, telling Ronda Rousey it was her show and posing in the crowd with a bloody face.

The Man says she suffered a “severe concussion” as a result of the punch and was “out on her feet” for the remainder of the show in Kansas City. As a result, Lynch doesn’t even remember providing images which a lot of wrestling fans will remember forever. Good thing for her and us that her instincts are next level:

“I completely blacked out after I got hit. I fell to the ropes, got up again, and my autopilot kicked in.”

That’s some good autopilot.

Becky’s memory comes back for her time in the hospital after the show. She says she checked herself out and went to SmackDown (scenes from which you can see in this video), but they wouldn’t let her do anything.

Let us know if that makes her iconic scene more or less impressive for you, and stay tuned for more from a very good crossover interview spot from the Badlass.

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