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Nia Jax wants Ronda Rousey to learn how to wrestle

This is a much better way to get heat than just calling yourself ‘Facebreaker’.

Ronda Rousey & Nia Jax are using social media to build to their Raw Women’s title match at TLC on Dec. 6 and their tag bout this upcoming Mon., Dec. 3. That’s par for the course in WWE, and especially the women’s division, these days.

Jax, though, is taking things up a notch with a new way to troll fans who believe her to be a horrible in-ring performer...

The “learn how to wrestle” bit isn’t the only piece of irony, either. Nia’s in a (admittedly small) social media war talking about how she doesn’t have time for one. She’s creating paradoxical heat. That’s next level stuff.

Anyway, make your jokes below. But as the reply:retweet ratio for Jax’s tweet clearly shows, most of them have probably already been made.

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