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Wade Barrett quietly appears in the latest episode of Lucha Underground

We kind of miss Wade Barrett.

Personally I’ve been a part time Lucha Underground watcher over the past four seasons and thankfully Cageside’s very own Manolo Has Pizzazz gives great coverage to the TV series/promotion week in and week out.

I religiously tuned in to Lucha Underground for the back half of season one and all of season two then kind of fell off with the product. But every time a I read a recap or see a video get bumped into one my of social media feeds, some wild stuff is always going down in The Temple.

Last night (Nov. 7) Lucha Underground had its season four finale episode with part two of Ultima Lucha Cuatro. During epilogue portion of the episode a very special guest made a cameo and maybe teased some future appearances.

And of course he said “So, anyone else have any BAD news?”

Wade Barrett, real name Stu Bennett, left the WWE back in 2016 to largely focus on his acting career. Working for the WWE for nearly nine years, the 38-year-old Bennett was last seen working for England indie promotion DEFIANT Wrestling.

Really hope Lucha Underground gives him a magical gavel of some sort.

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