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Let’s check in on John Cena’s hair

Way back in early October of 2018, the internet was fixated on John Cena. Not his relationship status, his morals/business sense or even his physique. Nor was it the weird sense of humor, budding career as a YouTube travel guide/online life coach or sixth move of doom.

It was his hair.

Who can even remember what Cena did in the ring at Super Show-Down in Melbourne (I honestly had to look it up... on Oct. 6, 2018, the Make-A-Wish king teamed with the now heel Bobby Lashley against the now babyface Elias & the now rehabbing from double knee surgery Kevin Owens)? It was adjusting to the fact he not only was no longer rocking a crew cut, but had grown out his hair enough to reveal AND comb over a bald spot that united the world in a moment of “maybe you should put on one of those colorful hats you’re always throwing to kids?”

So what are Cena and his stylists up to a little more than a month later? A pair of videos released on Weds., Nov. 7 provide some clues.

This one, which features Cena reading his bestselling children’s book, Elbow Grease, seems to have been shot when he was doing press for its release. So it’s darn cute (John does voices for the entire family of monster trucks in the story!), but it doesn’t answer our questions about his head hair since it was probably filmed days after we saw him in Australia.

This one, however, does. Released by WWE in honor of Diwali, the autumnal Hindu holiday, it features the Face Who Used To Run The Place more recently. You can tell, because, OH MY GOSH HIS HAIR!

He looks good! And a lot less like JBL, which is even better! Still, I think I made this same face when Cena and this updo showed up on my screen...

WWE’s YouTube channel

What will be going on on John Cena’s head when next we see him? Who can tell!

Will that be in a WWE ring any time soon? Reply hazy, try again!

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