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Why Johnny Gargano attacked Aleister Black

As part of the build toward his match with Aleister Black at TakeOver: WarGames 2018 on Nov. 17 in Los Angeles, Johnny Gargano wrapped up the months-long mystery on this week’s episode of NXT. In a self-shot video from the Full Sail campus, around the area where Black was attacked and kayfabe injured, writing him out of TakeOver: Brooklyn 4’s main event NXT title match, Gargano answered the question that’s lingered since he was revealed as the guilty party two weeks ago:

“‘Why, Johnny, why?’ That’s the question everyone’s asking me. I’ve always been very open and very honest with the NXT Universe. So you ask, and I will tell.

Aleister, you talk about a path - a path you’re on. I’m on a path too. This look familiar? This is the path I took the night you were found laying. The end of that path leads me to Tommaso Ciampa. The end of that path leads me to writing a wrong, fulfilling a promise and me - me! - being the one to beat Tommaso Ciampa for the NXT championship. You got in the way. It’s collatoral damage.

It’s nothing personal. I’d like to think you’d appreciate that, seeing as you walk around here like you own the place, Black Mass whoever you want, no one bats an eye! Talking about no man is ever truly good. No man is ever truly evil. Hh, I feel bad for you! You’re confused. That’s sad. I know exactly who I am. I’m the good guy - I’m the hero at the end of this story! I do one thing, one little thing that some people may consider ‘evil’. And everyone freaks out! Let me calm your worries. I’m still the same Johnny Gargano I always have been. I still fight for what’s right. What I’ve learned is, sometimes, around here, you gotta fight a little dirty.

So that’s why, Aleister. Now I know you probably want to kick my face off now. And that’s fine. I accept that. Maybe I deserve that. But after everything I’ve been through? I’m not scare of you. I live in a dark, dark place, Aleister. And I’m not afraid of the dark any more. Actually, I’m kind of starting to like it.

That look familiar? That’s the same spot I left you laying. TakeOver: WarGames - I leave you laying again.”

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