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Possibly good, definitely spoiler-y report about Monday’s Raw

It’s almost certainly good for the Superstar involved. Will it result in a better episode, though?

Old School Raw

We know from past experience that WWE likes to exaggerate Braun Strowman’s injuries so his comebacks seem more amazing. It’s also possible the Monster Among Men has a Cena-esque healing ability. Either way, Strowman Instagrammed a story less than 24 hours after his latest surgery to show he was rehabbing his elbow, so it doesn’t seem likely he’ll be out of action for too long.

In fact, PWInsider says current plans call for Braun to appear on Raw from Houston next Monday (Dec. 3). There’s no word on what he’ll be doing, but with a TLC match against Baron Corbin scheduled for the TLC pay-per-view (PPV) on Dec. 16, his presence should allow WWE to move forward with that story - either by confirming he’ll take part or turning it into a tag contest (which Strowman could then take part in or just “captain”).

The episode we got last week gave us a pre-taped pre-op interview with Braun, but otherwise just stalled for time on the brand’s main event program. It was also one of the worst episodes of Raw anyone could recall.

Having Braun back in any capacity has to be better than that. Right?

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