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Cody Rhodes wins Twitter fight with JBL with one punch

WWE’s YouTube Channel

Cody Rhodes is a pop culture afficionado, so hopefully he’d get the reference I’m attempting with the above headline. And no, you young whippersnappers, I’m not talking about the anime One Punch Man (although it’s great), but how Blue Beetle reacted to Batman shutting down a ranting Guy Gardner in 1987’s Justice League #5.

Okay, now that I’ve outed myself as an old nerd, here’s why I’m waxing nostalgic for the funny books of my youth: while watching his Dallas Cowboys upset the New Orleans Saints on Thursday Night Football last night (Nov. 30), JBL launched into what seems to have been an unprompted tirade about how he could kick Cody (and Dusty) Rhodes’ ass...

This doesn’t include one he deleted last night which point blank said “I’d kill @CodyRhodes. Please.”

What’s a second-generation star coming off a legendary year and rumored to be about to announce his own company (which makes the timing of this all the more curious, considering JBL’s part-time job with WWE, which sometimes seems to include being an unofficial spokeperson for the company) to say when his phone’s blowing up because a former co-worker is tagging him repeatedly in a tweetstorm?

One punch! BWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA!

UPDATE: JBL has woken up, sobered up and fessed up...

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