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Matt Riddle is grateful Brock Lesnar’s Universal champ again

It’s all part of his long term plan to retire the Beast, bro.

Depressed by the latest Brock Lesnar: Universal championship reign of showing up to jog in place and F5 people once every 4 - 12 weeks which kicked off yesterday (Nov. 2) at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia?

Don’t worry, bros. New NXT Superstar Matt Riddle has you...

Riddle has the resume to back this up, and we don’t just mean the popularity he brings to the black-and-yellow brand from the independent scene. The King of Bros has UFC cred - he’s got eight wins in professional mixed martial arts, ten if it weren’t for a couple of positive drug tests for marijuana. Sure, he was a middle & welterweight and Lesnar is very much a heavy. But Matt’s younger and... you know this stuff is scripted, right?

This isn’t a new crusade for the former Evolve champ, either, as the replies to his tweet prove...

The best part? Riddle’s timeframe seems realistic. Vince will certainly keep paying Lesnar for as long as Brock can continue putting dudes on his shoulders, and “a couple years” gives the Bro time to build up his reputation with the WWE Universe (and hope Triple H gets the book on the main roster).

Keep hope alive is what I’m saying, bros, broettes and non-binary brohemes.

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