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Drake Maverick is still mocking Bobby Roode by peeing on stuff

That song really does make anything better (glorious).

If nothing else, Drake Maverick is truly out here living his gimmick every day of the week. Maverick was given lemons by WWE creative and has turn them into....never mind.

For fans who thought Maverick and WWE were going to let his new gimmick die a slow, painful death, you were sorely mistaken. After peeing on Bobby Roode’s robe so AOP could retain their Raw tag titles on Monday night, Maverick is doubling down on taunting him.

Dubbed ‘Glorious P-Bomb 2’ here is Maverick peeing while mocking Roode using his own ‘Glorious Domination’ entrance music.

Yup. He peed.

How long can WWE and Maverick work peeing on stuff as his primary character trait?

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