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Becky Lynch buries Charlotte Flair’s character change with a Simpsons reference

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This is peak Becky Lynch. Remember when The Simpsons was good? The Man does.

We always knew Lynch had a way with puns but ever since Lynch adopted her “The Man” persona her meme game has gone to another level. Courtesy of Lynch’s latest Instagram story we have Charlotte Flair devolving into infamous The Simpsons character Frank Grimes.

The Flair-Grimes comparison almost feels too perfect and really hits on the fact that The Queen has altered a few of her character traits since Survivor Series.


After being called a “Bootleg Becky” by the SmackDown women’s champion this past Tuesday night, it will be interesting to see if Flair tries to respond to Lynch’s latest verbal assault.

It was only yesterday when Lynch was covering up WWE plot holes through her Twitter page. Now we have Lynch teaching young people about famous Simpsons’ episodes from the 1990s.

What other classic Simpsons references can Becky Lynch work into future feuds?