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Jake Roberts says watching his infamous scene with Macho Man & a cobra awakens his snake

Editor’s note: If you’re not interested in reading an NC-17 anecdote about sex, or are squeamish about animal attacks, or don’t want to risk seeing or hearing some NSFW language... this isn’t the post for you. For the other 99% of our sick, twisted readership, keep scrolling right down the page for something we think you might find amusing.

If Jake “The Snake” Roberts ever needs some power in his trousers, he watches the infamous snakebite incident with “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Roberts revealed that tidbit to Joe Rogan and Tony Hinchcliffe on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

When the conversation turned to talk about snakes and the Macho Man moment, Roberts blurted out:

Roberts: “That was the best nut I ever got. To this day, if I’m ever laying around with a girl and I’m having a little problem in the woodski department, you know, it happens at 63, I put the video on and instantly I’m kicking her ass, man. (Reference to sex, not violence.) Oh, brother.”

Rogan: “Really? That gets you hard, a snake? Why?”

Roberts: “Damn straight, man. Holy, shit.”

I don’t know what to say other than that exchange made me laugh. Watch the iconic snakebite moment for yourself. Do you feel any tingles in the nether regions?

I think WWE realizes the potency, thus the big red censorship X.

The conversation continued to a wild story about what took place backstage before they went live. Savage confronted Roberts about the cobra that was going to be used. Roberts was hilarious with his Macho Man impersonation.

Roberts: “I’m in the locker room behaving myself, not minding a soul.” ...

Macho Man impersonation: “About the snake, has he been fixed or not?”

Roberts: “Fixed? You mean poisonous?”

Macho Man impersonation: “Yeah, that might be the f-ing problem?”

Roberts: “I’m like Randy, of course he’s been fixed.”

Macho Man impersonation: “Maybe he has and maybe he hasn’t. Stranger things have happened in the WWE. Somebody wants the Macho Man’s Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship title and you put a poisonous snake on and the f-ing rest is history. Macho’s dead. Snake’s the champ.”

Savage said that the snake had to bite Roberts right now. If not, Savage was ready to fight. Roberts took a bite on the leg, and Savage forced him to remain seated to make sure he wouldn’t take an antidote. Savage was satisfied and the scary scene went down in the annals of wrestling history.

Again, I don’t know what to say other than that exchange made me laugh. The podcast clip is worth watching just for Roberts’ Macho Man impersonation alone. There is also a short snake story about Roddy Piper pulling a gun on Roberts.

Caution: Language not suitable for work.

The full Joe Rogan Experience episode is an interesting listen. Topics include abuse and addiction, recovery, the snake handler where Roberts got his snakes, losing a snake in DDP’s house back in the days, being a bad guy character, David Arquette and his recent hardcore wrestling match, Andre the Giant, and Vince McMahon.

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