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At least Drake Maverick is enjoying his pee gimmick

If our Twitter poll is any indication, a lot of fans aren’t crazy about AOP manager and 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick’s new gimmick.

Personally, I think it’s fine for what it is, and good on Drake for being willing to be the butt of the joke for the folks who enjoy a little potty humor. However, it’s also really not good to establish in the audience’s minds that a pair of monster heels like Akam & Rezar need their advocate pissing on things in order to pick up wins. But I don’t write the show, so we’re getting this...

Roll your eyes, flip channels or both. But do not say the artist formerly known as Rockstar Spud isn’t 100% committed to his new schtick - just as he has been with everything his bosses have given him in the past.

To wit...

And, in a specific reference to the owner of one pissed on robe’s NXT past:

As the headline says, at least Drake Maverick is enjoying himself.

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