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The Edge & Christian Show is the perfect antidote for Raw

As I confessed yesterday while sharing my excite about the return of The Edge & Christian Show (Which Totally Reeks of Awesomeness) on WWE Network, I’m a long-time mark for the childhood buddies from Ontario. That’s one thing to keep in mind before we talk about the show’s second season premiere, “Weekend at Vinnie’s” - available for you to stream now!

The other is that it premiered after the Nov. 26 episode of Raw. As several of my colleagues have already told you, last night’s edition of the WWE flagship sports entertainment show was... no bueno. Whatever I watched afterwards was probably going to get one of two reactions: my joy that it wasn’t Raw or residual animosity because it came on after Raw.

Unlike Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson, I am not a doctor. Heck, I’m not even a midwife like Bray Wyatt. So I can’t tell you how much of a factor The Edge & Christian Show being not-Raw was to how much I enjoyed it. All I can tell you is that I smiled for 30 minutes straight and on several occassions laughed so hard I was worried I’d have to explain to the missus why I pulled a Drake Maverick on the couch.

In brief, this is a recommendation to go check the show out. Like season one (and every sketch comedy series in existence), not every segment is a home run. But enough of them are, and even the relative duds usually have one line or gag that’s worth a laugh. Plus, E & C have the great chemistry that only lifelong friends and some siblings have. You can tell Birdman really does crack Edge up, and that Christian really does hate the fact he usually loses their head-to-head competitions.

The following are spoiler-y comments on my favorite bits, with and without video evidence to support my claim:

  • The opening nightmare gag is worth it for the cheesy sitcom laugh track and the great theme song which recaps the kayfabe history of the “silly geese” who are “never gonna stop until they get to that place where fun & laughter grows - The Edge & Cena Show.”
  • It also features the best Breeze & Dango appearance since “Fashion Files” went off the air.
  • Your appreciation for the Ico Pro parody will probably depend on your age, but everyone can enjoy Tommy Dreamer and Hornswoggle’s posedown at Vince’s WBF.
  • The callback to season one’s remote control gag with Mr. McMahon probably goes on too long, but Christian does a mean Vince. Both the montage which gives the episode its name and the scene with Road Dogg are good for a chuckle.
  • The Samoa Joe Girl Scout skit is gonna be memed, referenced and shared in GIF form for the rest of your wrestling fandom. Joe runs the cookie racket. Go watch it now. Two words of warning, though. It’s not PG, and do not tell a Samoan you prefer Tagalongs or Do-Si-Dos or any of that peanut butter $#!+.
  • When Christian said “I don’t even ****ing care anymore” after losing the first Chumpstain Challenge point to Edge? I felt that $#!+ in my soul.
  • The Bray Wyatt sketch starts with footage of two buzzards having sex and only gets weirder from there. This is another one which is going to be with us for a while, so check it out ASAP if you want to hang with the cool kids. Personally...
  • A return trip to “Will WWE Talk About It?” isn’t so much funny as it a reminder of how crazy wrestling is in 2018. It also reminds us that E & C have the best wig game this side of Philip Jennings.
  • I can’t even with the “Thunder Plugs” commercial... it’s my favorite thing on a half hour full of things I loved. WWE needs to keep the Good Brothers around and only use them for stuff like this. It’s juvenile and hilarious and brilliant. Pop this one in your culo and have a laugh, using Goldberg’s urine and “something called ‘science’”.
  • We close with the conclusion of the opening framing device, and teases for future episodes. And if you don’t want to tune in to see this...

... I don’t know what to tell you.

Episode one of season two of The Edge & Christian Show gets five A’s as a grade from yours truly. It was just what I needed after Raw.

Who else watched? What did you think?

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