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Nia Jax cuts a bad promo on giving Becky a concussion, failing Ronda

The Face Breaker of Raw’s women division had her chance to explain herself and just kind of puttered out.

Nia Jax was tasked with cutting a three to five minute promo on why she will be the one to dethrone Ronda Rousey at TLC next month. On paper, Jax has legit reasons why she is worthy of a title of shot. Then Jax listed her reasons and they just all fell flat.

The fact that a big part of Jax’s push is now focused on her botching a move in the ring has always been questionable. Yeah, Jax brought up giving Becky Lynch a concussion and it didn’t really click with the live crowd.

After Jax tried to get some cheap heat she turned her attention to Rousey. The basis for Jax’s argument against Rousey was that the current Raw women’s champion was in fact a failure.

Yes, the undefeated Raw women’s champion, with Olympic Judo credentials and a top shelf MMA record was a failure per Jax.

That didn’t work either and Rousey then came out to try and save Jax’s promo.

Rousey on the mic could not save this segment of Raw.

This would all lead to Rousey challenging Jax to a match right here, right now which the challenger declined because of reasons.

With a few weeks to go until their match at TLC, can Nia Jax and Ronda Rousey turn the sputtering momentum in their feud around?

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