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WALTER reportedly signs with WWE

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World Wrestling Network

WWE’s clearly been targeting him for quite some time, and reports that Austrian indie star WALTER was about to sign with the company go back to last spring. At the time, he shot down those stories (so did Keith Lee, currently wrestling out of the Orlando Performance Center for NXT), but ever since the relationship between Triple H and the 31 year old big man has only become stronger and more public - including a partnership between WWE and his main promotion in Germany, wXw.

Now, PWInsider is reporting they’ve confirmed with multiple sources that WALTER has signed a deal to join WWE, apparently full-time. Insider’s story says he’ll be key to company’s European expansion plans, including NXT UK. He’s currently finishing up his indie commitments, but the new deal has already impacted his stateside booking - it’s apparently the reason he recently dropped the PWG championship earlier this year. Insider also claims his new deal with WWE kept him from taking a farewell booking with the Southern California indie promotion.

Even though it’s not a surprise, it’s still huge news for the European scene.