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Volunteers are lining up for Seth Rollins’ open challenge

Much of the fun of pro wrestling devices like open challenges and mystery partners is guessing who might come through the curtain. The internet’s given us all a vehicle to speculate together, and that includes wrestlers who are hoping to get the call, just getting their name out there or possibly even teasing what they know will be happening.

Are any of these Superstars who’ve thrown their names in the hat as potential opponents for Intercontinental champion Seth Rollins’ open challenge tonight on Raw actually going to get the shot?

WWE’s shown an interest in raising 205 Live’s profile lately, first by giving performers like Drake Maverick and Lio Rush roles on Raw without removing them from the cruiserweight show, then by putting Mustafa Ali and Buddy Murphy’s title match on the main card at Survivor Series instead of in the division’s typical pre-show spot. Ali, Rush or former Cruiserweight champ Cedric Alexander are all capable of delivering a banger with Rollins.

Most folks initial reaction would be to scoff at Zack Ryder, but he’s a good worker who’s proved at WrestleMania 32 he can get a crowd on his side in a hurry. And while I doubt, Triple H is ready to send North American champ Ricochet up yet, there’s precedent for a one-off from a NXT main eventer coming up for something like this.

There’s also Bray Wyatt, who just returned to action this weekend and needs a storyline to get back on television...

Whoever it is, hopefully it works out better than Seth’s June IC title open challenge, where Drew McIntyre distracted him and allowed Dolph Ziggler to win the belt. Good thing there’s nobody in WWE’s current storylines who’d want to mess with Rollins and cost him something precious.

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