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Lynch/Rousey Twitter war now involves Edge, Baszler & Ronda’s ranch

It took her a little while - What of it? Even The Man takes a day off to be grateful. And she had to talk to Mac - but Becky Lynch got around to responding to Ronda Rousey’s latest Twitter volley.

On Thanksgiving, Rowdy replied to Lynch’s post about the treatments she’s been undergoing as part of her quest to get medical clearance to return to the ring. Rousey stuck with her usual insinuations that the SmackDown Women’s champ is a “Do Nothing Becky” for getting injured. She gets points for acknowledging the strength of Lynch’s Twitter game and using that, along with the Badlass’ own line about Edge’s neck from SmackDown 1000, against her.

It’s a good response from Ronda. But, while I’m sure there will be some dissenters, I’m confident I’ll be in the majority with my opinion that Becky’s is better...

She keeps the focus on each of their Twitter games, acknowledging the Raw Women’s champ’s deficiencies in a way that kind of gives her an out for them. But in the course of allowing that maybe Ronda’s not the one repeatly making the same arguments in unfunny messages, she invokes Rousey’s ranch (in a way that doesn’t cruelly make fun of Rowdy’s grief over the death of one her goats) and insults a member of the MMA Horsewomen, NXT Women’s champ Shayna Baszler.

That’s good stuff.

Don’t worry though, Ronnie. Lots of people liked yours. Including you.

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