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A great way for WWE to get Matt Riddle over now, and later too

The WWE Performance Center recently opened a YouTube channel and it’s great for stuff like you see above, the second part in a documentary focused on former MMA star Matt Riddle and his arrival in NXT. Said second part focuses on his family, an adorable bunch, and their pending move to Florida, where he’ll get his career going proper.

Videos like this are a great way for WWE to get an early start on getting talent over at the lower level so they can become even bigger stars as they rise up the ranks. When they reach the highest levels, there will already be a fully fleshed out back story, one that is well documented and available for use among WWE’s various platforms.

Riddle is just getting going in NXT but with videos like this, don’t be surprised if he’s a major player on the main roster down the line.

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