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Just Becky Lynch & Conor McGregor tweeting about team-ups, WrestleMania 35

Earlier this week, I somewhat cheekily wrote about the MMA media talking about The Man. Less than 24 hours later, Becky Lynch was tweeting with the UFC’s biggest star. No correlation of course. Just saying the SmackDown Women’s champ has hit a few people’s radars since her bloody invasion of Raw on Nov. 12.

How did this social media team-up between Irishfolk come about?

Becky quote tweeted a Forbes story about her “channeling her inner Conor McGregor” as she’s become WWE’s hottest act since SummerSlam. Her message tagged the former feather and lightweight UFC champion, and spoke in a language he would appreciate - dropping references to Ireland, fighting and his recently launched whiskey brand...

McGregor replied. Game recognize game, although it wasn’t clear if he was talking about backing her up in the ring or at the pub (although, if the latter, he could still be offering to help her fight AND drink). Becky quoted his answer to brag in a way that also flattered the Notorious One... and slyly invite him to provide said “back up” at a large WWE event happening in the New York area in Spring of 2019:

Good thing for all involved, WrestleMania 35 is in New Jersey. Due to what he was up to during ‘Mania week this past spring, Conor might have issues getting cleared to perform in New York.

And, of course, this all just a bit of fun on social media, and no indication a Lynch/McGregor super-team is coming to WWE any time soon.

Still, it’s fun to think about. And if Vince McMahon was willing to cut a big enough check...

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