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A story I want to be true: Drake Maverick maybe actually peeing himself at Survivor Series

One of the low(?) points at Survivor Series involved an angle where Drake Maverick, manager for AOP, pissed himself in fear when Big Show picked him up by his throat. If you don’t remember, don’t worry, WWE put out a video for you to relive it:

It’s pretty obvious he’s using a gimmick for that, right?


The latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required) has a story that is admittedly unconfirmed but that I badly want to be true:

A version of the story, which was not confirmed, is that the gimmick didn’t work and Maverick actually had to really piss on himself to make the angle work. But originally, he wasn’t going to have to.

That would mean Big Show actually scares him that much or he’s that committed to getting an angle over. Either way, this would go from a dumb angle for a match that didn’t need it to an actually hilarious moment.

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