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Pete Dunne would like this kayfabe-busting hug to be over now

The above is a very nice video from the WWE Performance Center’s new YouTube channel. Following Undisputed ERA, War Raiders, Richochet and Pete Dunne heading into and coming out of NXT’s second ever WarGames match at TakeOver last Saturday in Los Angeles, it’s very much in the vein of “wrestlers are just fans living their dreams!” vignettes that have been prominent since at least when The Wrestling Road Diaries came out in 2009.

It closes with Raymond Rowe of War Raiders breaking character to talk about how much it meant to him to main event TakeOver with guys he considers brothers. After a bit about the similar paths they’ve travelled to get to this moment, Rowe calls the victorious babyface team in for a tearful hug. It will make you believe a pair of vikings and a cocky super-athlete can cry!

It will not make you believe an arrogant Brit who likes hurting people can, though. Because while United Kingdom champ Dunne doesn’t refuse to take part, he spends the embrace looking at his teammates like they’re crazy. Then he exits quickly, giving the camera a look that would make Jim Halpert proud.

Don’t worry, Bruiserweight. It’s over.

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