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Randy Orton hits a filthy RKO then unmasks Rey Mysterio

Wow. Did Randy Orton just accidentally unmask Rey Mysterio and then just kind free styled the rest of it?

The main event of this week’s SmackDown felt it like they may have been writing off Mysterio for an extended vacation. Matched up with Orton, the Lucha legend took a hellacious beating that started with a disgusting RKO outside of the ring.

Can’t stop watching Orton RKO Mysterio in new, innovative and violent ways.

After Orton rolled Mysterio back into the ring, and gave him another RKO, The Viper began a post-match attack on his opponent. Trying to loosen up Mysterio’s mask throughout the night, Orton wrapped The Ultimate Underdog’s head inside a steel chair then rammed him into a ring post.

Mysterio flopped to the ground and then his mask just kind of naturally popped off. Orton causally grabbed the Lucha mask and held it up like his trophy.

Does this feud feel done? Or is Randy Orton versus Rey Mysterio going to be a featured match at TLC next month?

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