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New team of The Miz & Shane McMahon lose to debuting local athletes

The Miz just wanted to be friends.

On a very special episode of Miz TV, The Hollywood A-Lister spent the entire interview kissing up to Shane McMahon. Why?

To quote The Miz he admitted he was stanning for McMahon and wasn’t ashamed to admit it. Not only did Miz shower McMahon with compliments, he then practically begged him to form a tag team.

The Miz came prepared to. Before McMahon could tell him no, Miz invited a pair of local athletes to come down to the ring and compete versus Team Awesome Money. Wayne and Dane, the Bryant Brothers, versus Shane McMahon and The Miz, what could go wrong?

I mean.

What happened was.

The thing is.

Yeah, The Miz just got pinned by Dane Bryant on SmackDown.

Team Awesome Money drops to 0-1 as a tag team.

Why was The Miz marking out so hard for Shane McMahon? What angle is Miz playing here?

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