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Drake Maverick is feuding with a toddler again, which seems more appropriate than ever

Drake Maverick is no stranger to being humiliated for the audience’s amusement. While with TNA, the man made kissing up to Dixie Carter and groveling before EC3 into an artform.

Still, his current WWE angle - which started at Survivor Series when Big Show scared him so much he “urinated” in public - is quite something. It is letting the former Rockstar Spud show off his comedic chops, as he did reacting to the toilet humor he was on the receiving end of in the catering skit on Raw last night (Nov. 19):

But it’s also not funny. And it’s taken the team he’s managing from dominant heels who finally accomplished something meaningful on the main roster and turned them into an act the crowd chants “A-o-P-P” at.

It’s not surprising that Maverick’s old nemesis King Maxel has taken this opportunity to reignite their feud via social media. And Drake’s comebacks are, well...

Just block this from your mind when you’re defending your fandom to that one relative who doesn’t understand how adults can watch wrestling this holiday season.

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