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WWE Crown Jewel results: DX beats Undertaker & Kane


The main event of WWE Crown Jewel today (Fri., Nov. 2, 2018) at the King Saud University Stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, featuring Shawn Michaels coming out of retirement to team with his old D-Generation X partner Triple H to take on Undertaker and Kane, the Brothers of Destruction, in a tag team match.

It was a legitimately historic match if only for the return of Michaels over eight years after he left, even if he outright said he wasn’t taking it very seriously.

They picked up right where they left off with that, too, with the “Heartbreak Kid” initially hesitant to engage the man who retired him but his defiance eventually winning out, a crotch chop leading to his engaging his old familiar foe.

The match was story heavy, for all the obvious reasons, but it worked out much better that way. Michaels, for what it’s worth, was clearly still the best wrestler in the ring, even at his age with all that time off. They still managed to do well with what they had, going all out with bumps through announce tables and what not.

Triple H appeared to injure his right arm, as he was out of the match for a long time and then heavily favoring it when he came back. Things got sloppy late, with Kane losing his mask at one point and everyone’s timing being off.

In the end, DX escaped a double tombstone attempt and scored a pinfall after Sweet Chin Music to Undertaker then Kane, who also took a really bad looking Pedigree before being pinned.

The cameras showed Triple H and Michaels in the corner after their win and Shawn could be seen saying “we’re too old for this.”


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