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WWE Crown Jewel results: Shane McMahon is the Best in the World

After a show full of tournament action, we reached the finals for the World Cup To Determine The Best In The World™.

Miz advanced to represent SmackDown. In first round action, Rey Mysterio countered a RKO to roll-up Randy Orton. Then the Viper went to that place and hit his finisher anyway while Mysterio was celebrating his victory. He followed that up with a beatdown which included throwing the Master of the 6-1-9 to the floor and dropping him face first on the Arabic announce table to set-up Rey’s wounded underdog arc. Then Miz survived Jeff Hardy’s usual array of offense and used the confusion which followed getting caught trying to use the ropes for leverage to counter a Twist of Fate into a Skull-Crushing Finale.

Heading into the blue brand semi-finals (a rematch of something we just got on the Oct. 23 SmackDown), the A-Lister tried to play up his sore throat while Mysterio downplayed Orton’s assault. It was Rey’s injured ribs that cost him, though, when despite taking a 6 - 1 - 9 Miz got his knees up on a frog splash attempt.

Dolph Ziggler entered from the Raw side of the bracket. Their semis were set by Seth Rollins surviving Bobby Lashley’s attacks targeting his neck to hit the Stomp, and Dolph Ziggler took all Kurt Angle had to offer - and spent a lot of time in an ankle lock - before hitting a Zig Zag to advance. That gave us a semi-final match-up we’d seen approximately 498 times over the past few months. The familiar foes went to war, with Rollins taking on both the Show-Off and his partner Drew McIntyre. It was McIntyre who would end up costing Seth the match, pushing him off the top and straight into a superkick from Dolph.

Which gave us another match-up we’ve seen a lot, but not for much longer. And not usually as heel vs. heel. Surely, they wouldn’t run the finals as heel vs. heel? Buckle up, gang.

With acting Raw General Manager Baron Corbin (who’d been busy) and SmackDown commissioner Shane McMahon at ringside, the referee demanded Drew McIntyre head to the back. While that happened, Miz attacked Dolph from behind, but when action spilled to the floor, the Awesome One came up lame and it was the blue brand’s authority figure’s time to get involved.

Shane O’Mac entered himself in Miz’s place.

While the referee was trying to send Corbin to the back, Ziggler struck with a Zig-Zag, but McMahon kicked out. While the announce crew was apoplectic, the Riyadh crowd loved it, chanting “This is Awesome” at one point and popping big for the Coast 2 Coast.

And that was how Shane McMahon became the Best in the World™.

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