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Ronda Rousey and her glued up something vow to be at Raw

Ronda Rousey’s Instagram

There’s no doubt Raw Women’s champion Ronda Rousey gave herself up for the angle which played out at Survivor Series last night (Nov. 18). Even before Charlotte Flair busted out the kendo sticks and landed some clean shots on Rowdy, an inadvertant elbow strike had her bleeding from the mouth.

Perhaps it was that cut which Rousey told WWE doctors she’d glue shut? An article on which shares a nasty looking picture of the damage those kendo stick shots did to the side of Ronda’s head & face and includes this quote from the champ doesn’t specify what “it” she’s referring to:

“I refused to let the doctor see me until they promised to clear me for Raw today, I said I would go home and glue it shut if I had to. They took a quick look and said I can either stitch it shut or glue it so I decided to glue it and I will be on Raw tonight!”

The jokes just write themselves. Unfortunately, they’re jokes I can’t really use without getting fired.

Anyway... with that quote and this response to Twitter rival Becky Lynch, Ronda seems to be trying to draw a contrast between herself and The Man by pointing out how she refuses to sit out due to injuries while Lynch I guess allowed herself to be sidelined by doctors:

Yeah, not feeling that response. But really, after the performance she turned in with Flair last night in Los Angeles, Rousey is owed a few social media mulligans. Whether crowds adore or jeer her, the hottest division in the biggest wrestling company in the world revolves around Rowdy Ronda.

We’ll see what she has to say to the fans and Nia Jax, Charlotte, Becky and the rest of the roster when she returns to Staples Center tonight.

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