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Becky Lynch is on Twitter making sure everyone remembers she’s The Man

Fans being fans (it’s short for fanatics, don’t you know), one of the reactions to Survivor Series’ wild Ronda Rousey/Charlotte Flair affair last night (Nov. 18) has been, “don’t you dare take away my Becky Lynch WrestleMania main event, WWE!”

Setting aside for a moment we’re freaking out about something that’s nothing more than a rumor and five-ish months away, The Man is doing what she can from “doctor jail” to ensure she doesn’t lose her spot.

Leading up to and during the pay-per-view (PPV), Lynch was generally trash talking the entire roster, and offering some “apropos of nothing” knowledge which double as a jab at the woman who broke her face and then gave herself a nickname for it:

Today, Bex is taking issue with Chris Jericho for trying to give credit for the success of WWE’s women’s movement to anyone but her... and getting in digs about Nia Jax and Jericho’s side hustle as a rock singer, too. I think the Fozzy shot put the Badlass on The List (this one seems ongoing, we’ll keep you posted):

My personal favorite was directed at Ronnie, though. Heck, the response to the Raw Women’s champ’s rough night at the hands of Lynch’s best friend is almost sweet - just a self-care suggestion from one millenial to another:

Let’s just enjoy The Man now and worry about ‘Mania later.

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