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Survivor Series pre-show didn’t count in Raw vs. SmackDown record for a very WWE reason

The overarching storyline for the 2018 edition of Survivor Series - you know, the one night a year when the Superstars of Raw and SmackDown collide - was the red brand’s dominance of their Tuesday night counterparts in head-to-head competition. There was one little tiny problem with the “Raw sweep” narrative, however.

The Usos survived on the Kickoff in Staples Center to win the ten tag team elimination match for Shane McMahon’s show.

But as Michael Cole and the company’s announcers started reminding us during the opening match of the pay-per-view (PPV) portion of the show, what happens on the pre-show stays on the pre-show... meaning it didn’t count.

That isn’t an entirely new idea. Kickoff matches often aren’t included on DVD releases, affecting talents’ royalty checks. When future generations pull up an event on WWE Network, the pre-show matches aren’t included unless they also choose to watch a program separately uploaded.

Wouldn’t it have been easier to book The Revival to beat The Usos, though? Raw gets a 7 - 0 sweep instead of the 6 - 0 with an asterisk, and you don’t have to tell fans they wasted two hours of their time or that the 20+ men who wrestled on the Kickoff are somehow second-class roster members.

It probably would have been. Problem is, nobody told whoever was putting together the tag team Survivor Series match about Vince McMahon’s plan for the show. On Wrestling Observer Radio after the PPV, Dave Meltzer says The Usos win came down to miscommunication: “That was the reason. One hand forgot what the other was doing.”

That’s soooo... believeable? Typical? We’ll let you pick the adjective.

We know one thing. The Revival is okay with this re-writing of history:

(Dash probably just wants to block out the fact his “No Flips, Just Fists” teammate Scott Dawson was out there suicide diving on people)

The New Day?

(Woods was also tweeting “6 - 1” in response to company posts about matches all night long)

What did your scorecard for the night read, Cagesiders?

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