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WWE Survivor Series 2018 results: DRAKE MAVERICK pees himself, Raw goes up 3-0

The one night a year when the Superstars of Raw and SmackDown collide featured a collision of hosses when the two brands’ tag titleholders went at it on Sun., Nov. 18 in Staples Center.

The Angelinos in attendance were a little distracted at the start, as security escorted an undercover Enzo Amore out of the building. When we all returned our attention back to AOP’s match against The Bar, DRAKE MAVERICK’s men were giving Cesaro all he could handle... something which started with this inspired bit of athleticism from Rezar:

... but the Swiss Cyborg made it to his corner and Sheamus cleaned house. Things looked to be going great for The Bar, especially when MAVERICK got involved and paid for it. Cesaro chased him right into a choke from Big Show. Before the smaller man could pass out, Show and his boys noticed that DRAKE had urinated on himself. In their shock and awe that someone actually wrote that scene and rigged the former Rockstar Spud with a pants’ pump.

So AOP grabbed Sheamus for powerbomb/neckbreaker combo, and (since Michael Cole informed us the Kickoff doesn’t count):

SmackDown - 0
Raw - 3

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