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WWE Survivor Series 2018 results: Everybody hates Nia Jax, the sole survivor in Raw’s win

There was some drama about which women would head to the ring for the 2018 Raw vs. SmackDown Survivor Series team elimination tag. On Team Blue, the Becky Lynch injury ended any debate about whether or not Charlotte Flair would be on their team. New captain Naomi went with the obvious choice, adding the wrestler who showed up to the initial team meeting... Mandy Rose.

Raw captain Alexa Bliss created issues of her own, just so she could solve them. Natalya & Ruby Riott were out. The Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection were in.

When this match kicked off the pay-per-view (PPV) portion of the event on Sun., Nov. 18 in Los Angeles, SmackDown was out first... and the spectre of that brand’s champion hung over the entrances. A recap of Lynch’s invasion & injury was shown, and the boos for the woman who broke Becky’s face, Nia Jax, shook Staples Center.

The first big pop of the match came when Naomi enziguri-ed Jax right out of the ring. Our first couple of eliminations came quickly after that, with Tamina superkicking and pinning the blue captain, the Carmella rolled up Tamina. Then it was time for a...


It was also time for a wild exchange between Rose and Nia, with the “Facebreaker” flattening the Golden Goddess before Mandy rocked Jax with a Kenny Omega-esque move:

Rose got the next elimination too, stealing a pin on Mickie James in a spot which furthered the issues between her and her friend Sonya Deville. Bayley took out Carm with her finisher, and then her friend ended Mandy’s run with a Banks Statement.

It looked like DeVille might have Bayley pinned, but Nia broke that up and started a melee which saw Asuka take out Jax to the delight of the Southern California crowd. Sasha sent the Empress of Tomorrow into the mat with a meteora off the apron...

... but it was Sonya and the Hugster who ended up eliminated while they were on the floor as both were counted out after brawling there.

The Boss and Asuka went at it from there, and Sasha sacrificed her other remaining teammate Jax to a hip attack from the Japanese Superstar. It would be Nia who sacrificed Sasha right into an elimination, though, when she shoved her off the top rope and right into an Asuka Lock.

A series of leg drops and a Samoan drop later, the Facebreaker was the sole survivor on the winning team. And cemented as the biggest heel in the women’s ranks - and maybe WWE.

For the night, so far (because Michael Cole informed us the Kickoff doesn’t count):

SmackDown - 0
Raw - 1

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