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WWE Survivor Series 2018 results, live streaming coverage: Brock Lesnar vs. Daniel Bryan

WWE Survivor Series is all set to pop off tonight (Sun., Nov. 18, 2018) from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California at 7:00 p.m. ET, live on the WWE Network. You may also be able to watch this on pay-per-view (PPV) if your cable provider is carrying the event. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Survivor Series below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing! Note: To get in on the conversation on this show, visit our open thread here.


Brock Lesnar def. Daniel Bryan
Ronda Rousey def. Charlotte Flair by disqualification
Raw men def. SmackDown men
Buddy Murphy def. Mustafa Ali
AOP def. The Bar
Seth Rollins def. Shinsuke Nakamura
Raw women def. SmackDown women
SmackDown tag teams def. Raw tag teams


Those who would take the lives of men set fire to the staves as the master spoke through them. Born of wax, cast in clay, a horrible likeness that bares your name. Rip the eyes out, throw them away, scatter the ashes conjured by his slaves. As mind and body drift further apart, the candle burns down and stops your heart, but me, I’m just here to liveblog this here pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The pre-show opens with Jonathan Coachman welcoming us to the show and introducing his panel, consisting of Jerry “the King” Lawler, Beth Phoenix, and David Otunga to start. They shill for the WWE Network and run the card down in general before kicking into our usual video package / panel discussion cycle, starting with Daniel Bryan vs. Brock Lesnar.

Discussion of the ending of SmackDown follows, and we go backstage where Alexa Bliss addresses the women of Raw and pledges to beat them at their own game and saying that winning isn’t enough, she wants total humiliation. Nia Jax asks if she saw what she did to Becky Lynch’s face, Ruby Riott taunts Natalya about her dad’s sunglasses... AND NEIDHART POUNCES HER!

The other Raw women pull them apart and Alexa tells Ruby and Nattie that if they can’t get along they’re off the team! They continue shouting as we cut away, and the panel finishes discussing the women’s eliminator. General managers Paige and Baron Corbin join the panel, replacing Phoenix and Otunga, and shortly they’re interrupted by Lio Rush and Bobby Lashley.

Rush hypes his man up at length and shows his butt off again before leaving and allowing the panel to resume discussion of the Raw vs. SmackDown aspect of things. Onto discussion of Charlotte Flair vs. Ronda Rousey after the general managers take their leave, and then we go backstage for an interview with Flair.

She says she’s the only one who can hold up the four fingers by birthright and make it mean something, and she’s gonna walk out there with her chin held high and prove that even the Baddest Woman on the Planet will bow down to the Queen.

Backstage, Naomi is giving her teammates a pep talk in her role as acting captain and says they have Raw on the ropes already and they have to remember to stay united through it all, even with their newest member... R-Truth?! He thanks her for the honor and Naomi points out that he’s not a woman, to which he asks why you have to bring science into it.

Mandy Rose is the actual fifth member and she says she knows they’re all upset with her but she’s not gonna throw the biggest night of her career away by fighting with any of them tonight. Sonya Deville asks them to give her a chance and Naomi goes back into captain mode, hyping them up. Truth leads a cheer and they split. The panel discusses that eliminator and then the Cruiserweight Championship match after, with DRAKE MAVERICK joining the panel.

DRAKE’s presence neatly segues into discussion of Authors of Pain vs. the Bar.

We get a “coming soon” vignette for NXT’s Lars Sullivan after a short break for house ads. Booker T joins the panel in Lawler’s stead for the second hour of the preshow. They run the card down for those just tuning in and then shill for the WWE Network a little on top of it before going back over some of the matches for a bit more in-depth discussion as well.

Big E does the deal and the New Day make their entrance for a promo. Xavier Woods begins the spiel about Raw and SmackDown going head to head but stops and repeats “Monday Night Raw” a few times as the crowd boos. Kofi Kingston asks what better to kick it off than the SmackDown tag teams? They give all their teammates big introductions, and then the Usos welcome Team Raw to the SmackDown Penitentiary.

Chad Gable gets on the mic after all the Raw teams make their entrance and pledges to kick Survivor Series off with a win. Bobby Roode says it’s going to be absolutely Glorious and we’re off!

Bobby Roode, Chad Gable, Lucha House Party (Gran Metalik, Kalisto, & Lince Dorado), the Ascension (Konnor & Viktor), the B-Team (Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel), & the Revival (Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson) vs. New Day (Big E & Kofi Kingston), SAnitY (Eric Young & Killian Dain), the Club (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows), the Colons (Epico & Primo Colon), & the Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso) (Survivor Series Elimination Match)

Kalisto and Epico to start, Kalisto lands on his feet out of an arm drag, leg kicks, drop down, handspring headscissors blocked and Colon hits a delayed vertical suplex for one! Kalisto comes up lame on his feet, tags Dorado in, big dropkick, tag back to the former Dragon Gate USA superstar for an assisted splash, one of his own, no good! Epico with a back suplex, tag to Primo, in with a series of dropkicks, arm wringer, and a leg sweep!

Kalisto kicks him away, Epico gets knocked from the apron, blind tag from Dawson, the luchador springboards in and lands bad on his knee again but Wilder tags in...

The Revival eliminate the Colons by pinfall with Shatter Machine on Primo Colon.

Karl Anderson in with a pair of spinebusters but Axel breaks it up and tags in! Somersault cutter for two, putting boots to Anderson in the corner, tag to Dallas. Assisted DDT for two, back elbow, Gallows clobbers him, Karl covers...

The Club eliminate the B-Team by pinfall with a schoolboy pin from Karl Anderson on Bo Dallas.

Gable and E in as fresh men, Dain tags in on Big, Chad floats over and brings it to him with forearms but Killian hits the Divide... NOPE! Tag to Young, neckbreaker / Samoan drop combo but Roode breaks it up! Bobby low-bridges Dain, tags in, neckbreaker clutch...

Bobby Roode & Chad Gable eliminate SAnitY by pinfall with the neckbreaker / moonsault combo on Eric Young.

Konnor in on E, caught in the Cobra Twist as Big spanks his ribs to the beat! Wastelander out, fallaway slam, tags made on both sides and Viktor locks Xavier down with a reverse chinlock. Woods out, rolling elbow, tag to E, electric chair splash...

New Day eliminate the Ascension by pinfall with an electric chair-assisted splash on Viktor.

Metalik comes in as legal so I guess all three members of Lucha House Party are in the match, Luke in, tag to Lince, crossbody off the top, he’s caught but counters Magic Killer with a headscissors takeover! Counter a chokeslam with a Stunner, fired up, off the ropes, rolling Frankensteiner countered, powerbomb attempt reversed into the Frankensteiner anyway! Stereo moonsaults to the floor!

Back inside, Gran off the top...

Lucha House Party eliminate the Club by pinfall with a diving senton from Gran Metalik on Luke Gallows.

Dropkick from Metalik on Jimmy, tag to Dorado, throwing chops, schoolboy for two! Quebrada connects... NO GOOD! Headscissors takeover, Jey tags in, pop-up...

The Usos eliminate Lucha House Party by pinfall with a pop-up spinebuster on Lince Dorado.

Woods and Dawson locking up, Scott wants the tag, Wilder ends up in the ring for the distraction and it’s enough to leave Xavier clobbered with an uppercut. Tag to Gable, picking at Woods’ leg, and Dawson tags in to keep it rolling. Elbow drop to the knee, double axhandle to the bicep, but Xavier gets a boot up and a folding press for two! Woods with a missile dropkick, the way is clear, tags made!

E with the trifecta of belly-to-belly suplexes, low bridge, Wilder nearly takes it with a schoolboy, blind tag from Gable and he hits an exploder suplex on the big man! Tag to Roode... CHAOS THEORY INTO A NECKBREAKER IS NOT ENOUGH TO PUT BIG E DOWN! Bobby taunting, kick to the gut, Glorious DDT reversed, back elbow and a tag to Xavier, whip into a Rock Bottom / lungblower combination... GABLE BREAKS IT UP!


Jimmy climbs up top, Chad cuts him off... GERMAN SUPERPLEX TO THE FLOOR WHAT IN THE WORLD?! Gable tags in, Woods shoves Rood off and knocks him down. Roode back suplex, land on his feet, tag to E. Honor Roll connects, Big catches Gable on the moonsault...

New Day eliminate Bobby Roode & Chad Gable by pinfall with Up Up, Down Down on Gable.

Wilder in E’s clutches but Dawson hits a sunset flip! DDT but Woods tags in after, DDT of his own, kick, forearm, atomic drop, Dash tags in! Back body drop to the apron, Woods with a forearm, he dives... RIGHT INTO SHATTER MACHINE!

The Revival eliminate New Day by pinfall with Shatter Machine on Xavier Woods.

All four men in the ring and brawling away! Jimmy pasting Wilder in the corner but Dash gets under him for a powerbomb, Scott tags in... GALLON THROW / BULLDOG COMBO CAN’T PUT USO AWAY! Jimmy with an enzuigiri, getting the path clear but Jey’s down and out, so Uso heads up top. Scott cuts him off, jockeying for position, tag from Wilder... POWER AND GLORY! JEY MAKES THE SAVE!

Whipping Jimmy across, Jey in with a superkick, sunset flip reversed into a victory roll but the Usos are still in it! Superkick, tag, superkick party, superkick party, tag again, Jimmy up top...

Team SmackDown wins, the Usos last eliminating the Revival by pinfall with a diving splash from Jimmy Uso on Scott Dawson.

Alexa Bliss is interviewed backstage about the replacements for Ruby Riott and Natalya.

She says she needs two individuals who can function as a unit, which is why she’s chosen Sasha Banks and Bayley to join the team. Banks says they don’t owe her anything, and after they win for Team Raw, they’re coming after every single one of them. Bayley says SmackDown crossed a line, so they’re not doing it for them, but to prove that Raw is the most dominant brand.

The pre-show panel runs the card down for us again before finishing up with discussion of the men’s eliminator and a round of final predictions. We cut to the locker rooms where the women are getting ready for their eliminator to close the pre-show out.

The main show begins with a video doubling down on Survivor Series as the one night of the year that Raw and SmackDown compete in head-to-head competition.

Team Raw (Bayley, Mickie James, Nia Jax, Sasha Banks, & Tamina) vs. Team SmackDown (Asuka, Carmella, Mandy Rose, Naomi, & Sonya Deville) (Survivor Series Elimination Match)

Naomi and Tamina to start, circling, side headlock, step-up sunset flip into a dropkick and SmackDown is rolling out the gates! Snuka goes after the women on the apron and both teams flood the ring as referee Ryan Tran tries to regain some semblance of order! The brawl disperses to the floor, Naomi with a springboard roundhouse but Tamina catches her...

Tamina eliminates Naomi by pinfall with a superkick.

Carmella from behind...

Carmella eliminates Tamina by pinfall with a schoolboy pin.


Jax in, Mella turns around and goes behind, schoolboy denied, Nia draws her up into a loose chokebomb! Tag to Rose, Jax freight trains her for a nearfall but Mandy gets a leg kick, off the ropes with a running knee and Nia tags James in! Mickie throwing forearms, shoved off, catch a lariat into a neckbreaker for two but Rose comes right back with a Cobra Twist.

James rolls through into a leg pick and grabs a Muta Lock! Mandy gets the ropes, standing up tall for forearms and she tags Asuka in. Collar and elbow, Mickie with a side headlock, Asuka out with body blows and she shrugs a shoulder block off! A second block does just as little and she decks James with a hip attack! Octopus hold applied, victory roll reversal but no pinfall!

Uraken from the Empress of Tomorrow, tag Deville in, she rams Mickie into the corner for repeated shoulder thrusts. James with a boot up, an elbow, a headscissors takeover into a rolling solebutt. Front kick, off the ropes, slide low, snapmare and a tag from Bayley. Sliding lariat into an elbow drop, tag to the Boss. Double team in the corner, the knees to the midsection but Mickie tags back in for an avalanche Lou Thesz Press and a nearfall.

Sonya with a spear, tag from Mandy...

Mandy Rose eliminates Mickie James by pinfall with a lateral press.

Bayley in, tag to Carmella, putting boots to her in the corner but the Hugger fires back and gets the Stunner over the middle rope before heading up top. Nobody home on the dive, Mella with a kick to the midsection and the moonwalk DDT! Set up for the Bronco Buster but she wastes time jawing at Sasha...

Bayley eliminates Carmella by pinfall with the Bayley-to-Belly.

Rose legal, beating the Hugger up, knees over the middle rope but Bayley fires body blows off, so Mandy follows with a mat slam. Hammer whip, back elbow up, crawl under, tag to the Boss! Axhandles, a dropkick, corner knees sidestepped, Mandy’s own knee sidestepped... BANK STATEMENT!

Sasha Banks eliminates Mandy Rose by submission with the Bank Statement.

Deville in, hammer blows at Banks, tag to Asuka. She puts Sasha in the corner, running hip attack, stomps, fired up but the cover only gets two. Tag back to Sonya, taking Bans down into a bodyscissors and sawing at her cheekbones with the ridges of her forearm bones. The Boss gets to her feet, rams her into a corner to break and slings her off, rolling past her attempt to block the tag.

Bayley in, throwing lariats, Deville dodges but she gets put face-first into the buckles and clocked with a running knee. Shoulder thrusts, back roll, tube man taunt into a knee for two! Deville back, spinebuster... NIA BREAKS IT UP! Sidestep Jax into the post and Asuka kicks away at her! More kicks on the floor, Banks off the apron with Meteora and Bayley hits a back suplex for a nearfall!

Deville and Bayley fighting on the floor as referee Ryan Tran counts, Bayley-to-Belly but the Hugger can’t make it back in...

Bayley and Sonya Deville are eliminated by double count-out.

Asuka and the Boss circling, Sasha with a shove, ducks a backfist, trading dropkicks! The Empress of Tomorrow fired up and showing her SmackDown shirt off, Banks catches a lariat, Asuka ducks the Bank Statement and hits the hip toss Alarm Clock! German suplex follows, Sasha to the apron, Nia with her and she gets knocked down by the hip attack! Banks with a kick from the apron, charging in, popped to the apron and she’s dropped to the floor with a kick!

Sasha catches a kick from the apron and trips Asuka right into it! Another hip attack on the floor, however, and the Boss is thrown ack in the ring. Asuka circles and heads up top, missile dropkick... NOPE! Holding Banks’ chin up, jawing at her, strike rush, off the ropes, Sasha with a tilt-a-whirl but the armbar takedown is blocked. Asuka Lock attempt, roll through, pin... NOPE!

Catch a kick, front kick, Banks to her feet for the corner knees! Headed up top... NIA SHOVES HER OFF INTO THE ASUKA LOCK! SASHA’S GOT NOWHERE TO GO!

Asuka eliminates Sasha Banks by submission with the Asuka Lock.

Nia right in with the leg drops! Three in total, fireman’s carry...

Team Raw wins, Nia Jax last eliminating Asuka by pinfall with the Samoan drop.

Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax celebrate their victory and we cut backstage to Baron Corbin and Stephanie McMahon celebrating. He says Raw is winning for sure and Stephanie says last week was a black mark and if he wants his position to become permanent, he needs to make sure Raw wins tonight. Baron guarantees her Raw will stand tall tonight when Paige and Shane McMahon roll up to say they might be feeling blue by the end of the night.

Corbin taunts them back about Becky Lynch and Shane says it’ll be great to see his sister fire him at the end of the night.

Seth Rollins vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (Champion vs. Champion)

Keeping their distance, considering each other, Nakamura with a probing kick, Rollins goes for a test of strength but they both stalemate out. Locking up, front chancery, Shinsuke looking for a leg pick but Seth blocks and grabs the beginning of a double wristlock only for Nakamura to back him into the corner. Breaking with his weird shimmy, Shinsuke bids the Architect come on!

False start, two can play at mindgames, Shinsuke picks the arm, arm wringer, wristlock, wrenching it in but Rollins reverses, ducks a roundhouse, schoolboy for a two and he sidesteps the knee before returning Nakamura’s own taunt at him! Sidestep, arm drag, knee, snapmare into a crucifix pin for two! Ripcord knee denied and the King of Strong Style bails to the floor!

Back inside, Seth laying down atop the turnbuckles for a breather, test of strength but Nakamura catches him with elbows and knees, keeping him off balance. Into the corner, whip across and Rollins explodes out of the corner with a forearm! Off the ropes, back body drop to the apron, gamengiri blocked, duck a kick, slingshot guillotine leg drop puts Shinsuke on the floor!

Seth skins the cat, off the ropes, change direction when Nakamura dodges, looking for the dive... AND SHINSUKE NAILS HIM IN THE FACE WITH A KICK! Following with a knee to the chest on the floor, throwing the Architect back inside for the cover but it’s only two. Shoulder thrusts in the corner, choking the Intercontinental Champion into Good Vibrations!

Rollins backs off but gets caught with a knee in the corner, snapmare, knee drop, only two, more knees, more kicks, Seth starting to fire up under Nakamura’s assault, struggling in a front chancery and the United States Championship lets him loose with a knee strike. Choke in the corner, referee Jason Ayers admonishes him but Rollins stands up under the pressure and counters with the reverse STO into the turnbuckles!

Big chop, rights and lefts, whip reversed, duck a lariat, Sling Blade! Nakamura gets a boot up, but Seth hosses him out of the corner and slams him over the ropes and to the floor! Off the ropes, suicide dive connects! A second dive, and a third! Fired up and ready to burn it down, back inside, off the top with a diving lariat... NOPE! Shinsuke floats over a suplex, the first kick misses but the second connects and both men are down and out!

Whip reversed, Nakamura gets him up in the corner for the running knee to the midsection but it’s only a nearfall! Inverted exploder blocked, Shinsuke shifts momentum for a lungblower, jockeying for position, Rollins with a superkick... NO GOOD! Powerbomb lift, Nakamura rakes the eyes to get out, sidesteps a charge and kicks Seth in the neck!

Stomps to the back of the head, Ayers physically pulling him off of the Architect! Rollins with palm strikes, he goes for a lariat and Nakamura reverses to the cross armbar! Shift to the triangle choke, Seth flagging but not failing, he posts to his feet... DEADLIFT BUCKLE BOMB! Drawing himself up, determination plays acoss Rollins face as he starts tuning up the band!

Kick to the midsection, off the ropes, he runs into a front kick but is able to fire an elbow off! Ripcord knee blocked... LANDSLIDE COMES CLOSE TO ENDING THE MATCH BUT ROLLINS KICKS OUT! Nakamura heads up top, Seth charges in, superplex rolled into the Falcon Arrow, he did the deal... NOT ENOUGH! Slugging it out with forearms in the middle of the ring, Shinsuke gives him a spot to hit but it’s bait to set the axe kick up!

Inverted exploder connects, but Rollins dodges and gets the ripcord knee... STILL NO! Seth up top... FROG SPLASH COMES UP EMPTY! KINSHASA TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD ISN’T ENOUGH TO KEEP THE ARCHITECT DOWN! Rollins slow and unstead to rise but he counters Kinshasa with a superkick! Blackout ducked, sidestep another Kinshasa, this time he’s got it...

Seth Rollins wins by pinfall with Blackout.

The Raw men’s team are shown preparing backstage when Braun Strowman addresses them.

He says he doesn’t like Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, or Bobby Lashley, and he doesn’t know who Lio Rush is, but Finn Balor is alright. He tells them all that if they don’t win, they’ll get These Hands. McIntyre steps up and says he should be in charge, and Braun even called himself a mindless meat castle last week and he best stay out of his way. Baron Corbin rolls up to tell them to relax and asks what the hell’s going on.

Baron reminds him he can’t touch him, at which point Strowman says this’ll do for now and throws Lio into Baron! R-Truth rolls up to give them a pep talk and Corbin yells at him, pointing out he’s not even on Raw.

Authors of Pain (Akam & Rezar) vs. the Bar (Cesaro & Sheamus) (Champion vs. Champion)

Sheamus and Rezar to start, collar and elbow, struggle in the corner and a break. Charging in, Sheamus with a side headlock but the Raw and throws him into the corner for shoulder thrusts! The Celtic Warrior exploding out, Cesaro runs interference and they’ve got their Author isolated. Tag to Cesaro, uppercuts, off the ropes, dropkick to the knee, into the giant swing but Akam runs in with a spear!

Tag made, stomp Demolition Decapitation for two! Quick tags, working the Swiss Superman over in the corner. Rezar with body blows, cover for two, headbutt and Cesaro’s on dream street! Tag back to Akam, alternating knees, right hands, snapmare into a reverse chinlock but Cesaro immediately struggles to his feet. Out with elbows, an uppercut but Akam drops him with a snap double leg into hammerfists!

Tag to Rezar, atomic drop into a knee to the face but Sheamus makes the save! Celtic Warrior getting into it with Rezar, Cesaro nearly gets three but referee Darrick Moore is too busy to count! Tag to Akam, charging lariat, Swiss Cyborg with the uppercuts, he goes off the ropes and the Author drops him with a lariat for a nearfall! Rear chinlock with a knee to the back, staring Sheamus down the whole way.

Cesaro to his feet, body blows, an uppercut, off the ropes, duck the lariat, springboard corkscrew uppercut clears the path! Crawling... TAGS MADE! Sheamus in with forearms, whip reversed, sidestep the charge and clock Rezar with a bicycle knee! A second one, clear the apron, Rezar back body drop to the apron gets a neck snap and the Beats of the Bodhran!

Another neck snap, Sheamus heads up top for a diving lariat... NOPE! Fired up, calling for it but DRAKE MAVERICK rus interference! Cesaro runs in with an uppercut, Sheamus with the Brogue Kick... DRAKE PUTS HIS MAN’S FOOT ON THE ROPE TO BREAK THE PIN UP! Cesaro chases MAVERICK around the ring, Big Show is ready... WMD! Goozle up on the apron and he’s choking the life out of him... DRAKE PISSED HIS PANTS! HE’S MILES DAVIS!

Authors take advantage of the distraction...

AOP win by pinfall with a double-team powerbomb / neckbreaker on Sheamus.

We get a house ad for TLC: Tables, Ladders, & Chairs next month.

The men’s SmackDown team is backstage getting ready and Miz has an inspirational speech that may heal the world. But he can’t give that speech, only Shane McMahon can give that speech. Shane says they have some work to do but they’ve always been underestimated. Miz plays hype man throughout all this as McMahon gives each other member of the team an individual pep talk.

R-Truth is also there and Miz asks what he’s doing, at which point Truth says he’s here to talk about joining SmackDown. Shane tells him he’s already on the roster, which is a relief to Ron. Miz talks up The Marine 6: Close Quarters and promises signed copies for everybody if they win. Truth is stoked because he’d love to have Becky Lynch’s autograph, and McMahon leads everybody in one last round of hype.

Buddy Murphy (c) vs Mustafa Ali (WWE Cruiserweight Championship)

Murphy going low, double leg into the corner, raining punches down but Ali slips away and gets a right hand. Shoved away, sunset flip denied, Buddy drags him up and Mustafa cracks a forearm across his face! An elbow, land on his feet off a back suplex and the champ biels him into the corner! Off the ropes, snap off a headscissors takeover and Murphy’s on the floor!

Dropkick takes him off the apron, up top, Ali with a somersault senton! Back inside, cover doesn’t even get one and Buddy’s got an upkick! Rolling to the floor for a breather, he picks Mustafa’s leg but gets kicked into the barricade. The Heart of 205 Live headed up top, Buddy grabs his leg before rushing around to shove him off the top and hard into the barricade!

The Juggernaut throwing him around on the floor and back inside, cover gets two and he follows it up with a kick to the spine. Ali on his feet, desperation palm strike, whip into the corner and a huge back body drop! Murphy follows it with a stomp to the face and another kick to the back, good for two in the aggregate. Rear chinlock with a knee to the back, Mustafa fights to his feet only to get clubbed back down.

Reverse a back suplex into a crossbody, only one, whip to the corner, lashing out with a front kick, boot up, double leg and a catapult puts Buddy hard into the corner! Off the ropes, duck a lariat, big dropkick and Ali is fueled by determination! Clutching his back, drawing the champion up for forearms, whip reversed, slide to a stop, slip to the apron for the roundhouse kick.

Rolling thunder blocked... MURPHY THROWS HIM OVER THE TOP AND CLEAN TO THE FLOOR! Off the ropes... TOPE CON GIRO! Back in, off the top, nobody home, Ali with superkicks... POISON FRANKENSTEINER! BUDDY KICKS OUT! Mustafa in agony as he rises to his feet and staggers back over to draw Murphy up. Big forearms, Buddy with a strike rush but Ali sidesteps and hits a spinning wheel kick that puts the champion to the apron.

Mustafa off the ropes, tilt-a-whirl DDT... NOPE! Dragging Murphy into the corner, Ali heads up top but Buddy again shoves him to the floor, this time putting the Heart of 205 Live’s jaw hard into the apron on the way down! The Juggernaut following out after him, surveying the announce table and he clears the top of it! Dragging Ali up with him, Mustafa gets a kick off... SPANISH FLY OFF THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!

Throwing the champion back inside, Ali’s not trying a cover, he climbs up top but again Buddy cuts him off! Cheeky Nando’s followed by a powerbomb, revolution powerbomb... MUSTAFA ALI WILL NOT STAY DOWN! Looking for Murphy’s Law, Mustafa reverses to a pin for two and gets an elbow up on the charge. Springboard... BUDDY CUTS HIM OUT OF MIDAIR WITH A KNEE!


Buddy Murphy wins by pinfall with Murphy’s Law to retain the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

Daniel Bryan is interviewed backstage as to whether or not he’s ready to wrestle Brock Lesnar.

A sly grin plays across the American Dragon’s face and he leaves without saying a word.

We get the Lars Sullivan vignette from earlier.

Team Raw (Bobby Lashley, Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, & Finn Balor) vs. Team SmackDown (Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio, Samoa Joe, Shane McMahon, & the Miz) (Survivor Series Elimination Match)

Strowman and Joe to start, but McIntyre tags himself in! Samoa from behind, Coquina Clutch right away! Drew slings him off, Joe clears the apron and goes right back to the Coquina Clutch! McIntyre uses the turnbuckles to slip out, Claymore...

Drew McIntyre eliminates Samoa Joe by pinfall with the Claymore.

McIntyre kneeling in the ring as Hardy comes in, collar and elbow into the corner and Drew piefaces the Charismatic Enigma! Kick to the midsection, right hand, whip across, forearm from Jeff, off the ropes, duck a backfist but McIntyre decks him with a lariat and tags Ziggler in! Dolph lying in wait, Hardy evades the superkick and tags McMahon in.

Shane shuffling around the ring, rushing in with punches, Ziggler turns around and hammers him with punches and a dropkick in the middle of the ring! McMahon with a series of arm drags, float over DDT reversed into a crucifix for two! Dolph with a kick to the midsection, Fameasser... NOPE! Big elbow from the commissioner of SmackDown, drawing Ziggler up, whip across... ZIG ZAG BUT MIZ MAKES THE SAVE!

The A-Lister tags in, catches a boot, Skull-Crushing Finale denied, leg pick counters the DDT, Dolph ducks the figure four, dodges a boot, roll-through, dropkick! Strowman tags in... and McIntyre tags him right out! The big men jaw at each other and a fistfight breaks out! Team Raw try to pull their men apart, Team SmackDown run in and we’ve got an all-out brawl as referee John Cone struggles to regain control!

Hardy and Miz beating Braun down together, Mysterio and McMahon join in but Strowman shrugs them off! Drop toehold from Rey... 619! They dump the monster to the floor, put Drew into the post and beat him down in front of the announce tables! Shane clears the English desk, his teammates move Braun into place as McMahon climbs... ELBOW DROP FROM THE TOP THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE DESK!

Raw captain Baron Corbin throws a fit at Cone! Back in, Miz with a kick but Drew kicks out! It Kicks ensue as we see Stephanie McMahon and Paige watching backstage. The A-Lister draws him but McIntyre drops him with a headbutt! Reaching out to tag Balor but Drew decides he’d rather not and shrugs off a full nelson from Miz! Finn tags in and clocks Drew with a kick before tending to the A-Lister.

Whip reversed, up and over, Miz gets a boot up but eats the gamengiri in the turnbucklew! Double leg into the double stomp, Sling Blade reversed into Skull-Crushing Finale reversed into a victory roll for two! Enzuigiri from the apron, Finn heads up top, Coup de Grace but nobody’s home! Dropkick through the ropes, Sling Blade on Hardy, Balor fired up, shotgun dropkick into the barricade!

Throwing Miz back inside, Mysterio with the tag, diving seated senton, off the ropes, springboard crossbody, kick to the midsection, springboard into a wheelbarrow, reversed into the inverted headlock elbow drop for two! Big chop in the ropes, whip across, Rey has the back body drop scouted! Headscissors Takeover puts Finn on the second but he dodges the 619 and hits a Sling Blade!

Shotgun dropkick, Balor heads up top, again nobody home on Coup de Grace, wheelbarrow sets him up again, 619...

Rey Mysterio eliminates Finn Balor by pinfall with the springboard splash.

McIntyre decks Mysterio before drawing Balor up and throwing him to the floor! Rey with a shotgun dropkick, tag from Lashley and he runs Mysterio over with a boot! Military press drop but Rey lands on his feet! Wheelbarrow... COUNTERED BY THROWING HIM HARD INTO THE TURNBUCKLES! Bob with a neckbreaker, the delayed vertical suplex but Mysterio reverses into a straight suplex of his own!

Rey ducks a lariat, hits an enzuigiri, Ziggler tags in, low bridge, Dolph from behind, roll-through, sunset flip and Mysterio hits a buzzsaw roundhouse kick! Tag to Hardy, right hands on Ziggler, whip reversed, big forearm, Manhattan Drop to the double leg drop to the midsection for two, kick to the midsection, Twist of Fate denied and Ziggler feigns a leg injury to keep referee John Cone distracted while McIntyre interferes.

Jeff takes him out on the floor with a DDT but when he returns to the ring Dolph hits the big DDT... NO GOOD! Rey wants the tag, the Charismatic Enigma crawls while the Show-Off tunes up the band. Superkick denied, Twist of Fate connects! Up top... SWANTON BOMB BUT THE KNEES ARE UP! Hardy tags Miz in, Awesome Clothesline, McMahon wants the tag and he gets it! Limping into the corner while the A-Lister holds Dolph in place... COAST 2 COAST! Dragging him over for the cover...

Shane McMahon eliminates Dolph Ziggler by pinfall with Coast 2 Coast.

Lashley in with lariats, a belly-to-belly suplex, he beats on Shane in the corner and Cone backs him off. Bob biels him into his corner, Miz tags in, eats the reverse STO and Bob poses for everybody showing those glutes off again only to get posted into the corner! Awesome Clothesline a second time, tag back to McMahon and he urges him to head up top again, Coast 2 Coast... STROWMAN SWATS HIM OUT OF MID-AIR WITH A LARIAT FROM THE APRON BUT REY BREAKS THE PIN UP!

Hardy and Braun legal, Jeff beating on him, Twist of Fate reversed, inverted suplex lift gets Hardy on his shoulder...

Braun Strowman eliminates Jeff Hardy by pinfall with the running powerslam.

Mysterio right in, chipping away at the monster with kicks, setting him up... 619 CAUGHT AND BRAUN HOSSES HIM UP...

Braun Strowman eliminates Rey Mysterio by pinfall with the running powerslam.

With McMahon out of commission, Miz begs off and stalls to keep from coming in as long as possible. He wakes Shane up just in time for Braun to run him over! Strowman throws the A-Lister back inside...

Braun Strowman eliminates the Miz by pinfall with the running powerslam.

McMahon drags himself up the ropes, just absolutely destroyed as Strowman lies in wait for him like a bull about to gore a matador. Shane faces him, defiant and waves the monster in! Shotgun dropkick! Corner body avalanche, scoop lift...

Team Raw wins, Braun Strowman last eliminating Shane McMahon by pinfall with the running powerslam.

Post-match, Baron Corbin blindsides Strowman! Braun recovers and stares Corbin down ring to ramp.

Michael Cole takes a moment to talk about charity relief for the California wildfires and tosses to a video package of superstars visiting a Red Cross station.

Seth Rollins is interviewed backstage about his victory earlier tonight.

He’s not gonna lie, he’s been focused on Dean Ambrose these past few weeks, and he feels very lucky to have come away with a victory but he’s got an ice bath and a couple cold ones waiting. He’s informed that he’ll be defending the Intercontinental Championship against Dean at TLC and he says it’s been a while. Ambrose has been hiding since he twisted the knife, in parking lots and behind his excuses, but at TLC he won’t have anything left to hide behind.

Charlotte Flair vs. Ronda Rousey

Flair in with a forearm, circling, Rousey ducks a roundhouse kick and Charlotte ducks a kick as well! Ronda lands on this attempt but Flair fights a takedown off and we get some intense jockeying for position. Rousey gets the armbar but Flair fights out, Ronda the same on the figure four, roll-through into the fireman’s carry, Charlotte reverses to a sunset flip, armbar attempt ad it’s reversed again!

Waistlock, Flair reverses to a side headlock takeover and grounds the Raw Women’s Champion before throwing her hard into the turnbuckles face-first! The exploder suplex follows but only gets one and Charlotte goes to work on the legs, wrenching and tearing, stepover toehold applied and Rousey’s mouth is busted open! Flair into another toehold, elbow drop to the knee but Ronda fires off a knee with the good leg for separation!

Charlotte charges in, Rousey with a knee from the apron... CROSS ARMBAR IN THE ROPES! Headed up top, Ronda perches and Flair drops her with a Mafia kick! Rousey with an avalanche gourdbuster, she drags Charlotte back up, avalanche flying armbar! Flair counters into a cradle but Ronda shifts to a headscissors and then a triangle choke! Charlotte to her feet and she turns it into a Boston Crab!

Rousey crawlng for the ropes, she manages to roll to her back and fights off the figure four with a kick! The Queen nails her with a kick to the face, Natural Selection... COUNTERED INTO A WRISTLOCK BUT FLAIR WON’T GIVE HER THE ARMBAR! Roll through, forearm to the ribs, arm dangling useless, STO backbreaker followed with a kick to the face and Charlotte heads up top.

FEET UP ON THE MOONSAULT! Finlay Roll, Rousey fired up... AND FLAIR GETS A NEARFALL OFF THE SPEAR! Leg pick, figure four leglock, bridging back but with a bum arm she can’t get all of it and Rousey rolls over to reverse the pressure! Charlotte rolls over... AND TO THE FLOOR!

Ronda puts her into the barricade, back in with the judo throws, a series of three, combination punches in the corner but Flair fires back with those trademark chops, hammering her in the corner! A bit of a strut kick to the knee, chops in the middle of the ring but Rousey blocks and rolls her through. Flair with a nearfall off the big boot and both women are slow to rise.

Ronda reverses the exploder into an armbar but Charlotte rolls to the floor! Rousey drags her back in and to her feet, fireman’s carry... SWINGING DEATH VALLEY DRIVER AND COLE TELLS US IT’S CALLED PIPER’S PIT! Flair fighting the armbar, she gets Ronda under the rope to force referee Rod Zapata to call for the break! Zapata counting, Charlotte biding her time before rolling in and breaking the count to Rousey’s frustration.

Ronda charges in and Flair’s got a kendo stick...

Ronda Rousey wins by disqualification.

Charlotte puts her into the steel steps after! Another kendo stick in hand and she wails on Rousey with it, breaking it across her back! She throws Ronda in the ring and takes her SmackDown shirt off before grabbing the second stick and beating on her with it even more! Flair heads to the timekeeper’s area and gets a chair but Rod warns her off in order to check on Rousey.

The Queen returns... NATURAL SELECTION ONTO THE CHAIR! Chair in hand, more referees swarm the ring and Flair seemingly agrees to back off but she shoves Darrick Moore and decks Jason Ayers with a right hook! She beats John Cone up too! Wrapping the chair around Ronda’s neck like a horse collar, she shoves Zapata out of the ring for good measure... STOMP TO THE CHAIR! SHE PILLMANIZED ROUSEY’S DAMN NECK! Road agents Jamie Noble and five-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce hit the ring with medics to check on Ronda and keep Charlotte away from her.

Rousey manages to rise to her feet under her own power and leave the ring.

A house ad for WWE 365: AJ Styles follows.

Commentary hypes TLC up with our announced Intercontinental Championship match.

Brock Lesnar vs. Daniel Bryan (Champion vs. Champion)

A cocky Bryan spends the entire pre-match getting into Lesnar’s head.

The bell rings and Dan goes right after Brock’s leg! Keeping his distance, the American Dragon slips to the floor and takes a jog around the ring. Fakeout on the apron, up the steps... and back down, and the Beast takes the bait! Bryan slips back inside, waiting for Lesnar, teasing a kick and mocking his pre-match bounce! Circling, Brock catches a leg kick and drops him with a lariat!

A German suplex dumps Dan on the back of his head! Bryan’s out cold and Lesnar drags him into the middle of the ring, starting a “Suplex City!” chant before hitting a second German suplex! Putting him in the corner, a belly-to-belly suplex follows and Dan grabs a hold of Brock’s legs, dragging himself to his feet only to eat another belly-to-belly!

A third belly-to-belly sends Bryan halfway off the apron and the Beast kicks him to the floor! Posing with the Big Red Belt, Lesnar heads to the floor and throws him into the barricade! Back in the ring... and right back out, Brock throws him into the barricade one more time and back inside... AND INTO THE BEAR HUG! I CAN HARDLY BEAR IT! Lesnar lets go into kind of a lazy spinebuster before dragging Bryan back up.

Another German suplex folds Dan in half! BACK TO THE BEAR HUG AND BROCK CONVERTS IT INTO A BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX! Bryan trying to collect himself in the ropes, thousand-yard stare and Lesnar drags him into the middle of the ring, fireman’s carry, he bids everyone goodnight and makes a cover but yanks him up at two! Throwing him back down like a sack of potatoes... THE AMERICAN DRAGON’S ALIVE! UPKICKS STUN LESNAR, HE GOES FOR A F-5 AND DAN LANDS ON HIS FEET, KNOCKING REFEREE MIKE CHIODA OVER!

A LOW BLOW! THE BUSAIKU KNEE... LESNAR KICKS OUT BUT HE’S CLUTCHING HIS GENTLEMAN’S AREA IN AGONY! LEG KICKS ON LEG KICKS, TEARING THE BEAST’S HAMSTRING UP! Kicks to the ribs as well, double wrist-clutch... YOU’RE GONNA GET YOUR [REDACTED] HEAD KICKED IN! Brock gasping for air, clawing himself to his hands and knees and to his feet with the ropes.

Bryan charges in, fireman’s carry, he slips out, low bridge sends Lesnar to the floor! SLINGSHOT PLANCHA CAUGHT BUT DAN SLIPS OUT AND PUTS BROCK INTO THE RINGPOST! On the apron... DIVING KNEE LANDS FLUSH AND KNOCKS THE BEAST FLAT! Back in, off the ropes, suicide dive... LESNAR CATCHES HIM AND RAMS HIM INTO THE RINGPOST! Brock with the double leg, putting him into the post again before breaking Chioda’s count.

The Beast takes the top half of the steel steps and rushes Bryan but Dan moves and the steps clash against the post, crushing Lesnar as he falls down! Another diving knee off the apron! Trading kicks to the ribs, Brock throws Bryan back in and follows after but the American Dragon is fired up! ANOTHER BUSAIKU KNEE! SO CLOSE! Bryan stalking, chop block takes him out, dragging Lesnar around the post and smashing his leg into the steel!

Throwing Brock back inside, Bryan heads up top, missile dropkick! Fired up, feeling it, Paul Heyman trying to will his man back into it as Dan hits the running dropkicks in the corner! The third countered, fireman’s carry but the leg gives out and the American Dragon has the LeBell Lock on in the middle of the ring! BROCK HAS NOWHERE TO GO BUT HE MANAGES TO BREAK THE GRIP!


Brock Lesnar wins by pinfall with the F-5.

Lesnar and Heyman celebrate, Brock hobbling on one leg as Bryan stares on and licks his lips.

That’s the show, folks.

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