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What Ronda Rousey was thinking when Becky Lynch got her face broken

We’ve heard from everyone on Nia Jax’s punch, and Becky Lynch getting her face broken, and all the changes it caused for Survivor Series. That includes Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey, although her initial response was in storyline.

How about outside of it?

“What was my thought when I saw her busted up? Like, originally right away when she was busted up? Umm, well, first when I saw it right away when I was about to step out, I was like ‘oh, they probably don’t feel very good about that on TV with PG,’ because they don’t really like it when a lot of blood shows. So I was like ‘oh, they’re probably pissed about the blood showing.’ Then my next thought was I hope she’s okay because we have a match at Survivor Series that we’ve been working very, very hard to promote. Then she wasn’t okay and the match fell out. So that was too bad.”

As Big Show pointed out, that punch led to an iconic image and helped make Becky an even bigger star but there were many within WWE who had their stomach drop out watching a main event disappear in front of their eyes. Still, the show goes on and now Rousey gets a match that, at one time, was being talked about as a potential WrestleMania headliner.

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