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Big Show uses Nia Jax punch to put Becky Lynch over

It is, of course, a very bad thing that Nia Jax straight up punched Becky Lynch in the face, hard enough that it broke her nose and knocked her out of Survivor Series. Beyond the physical damages, Lynch was devastated emotionally. She was, after all, just days away from the biggest match of her life in what may have been the main event of a major WWE pay-per-view.

With one punch, that was gone.

So, again, that is bad.

But not everything to come of it has been bad. In fact, at least in one way (and maybe another), it was a good thing. Here’s Big Show talking to Busted Open Radio about the whole thing:

It sucks that she was hurt, of course, but without it she wouldn’t have been bloodied and created an iconic image of a character who has quickly become the most compelling we’ve seen on WWE television in some time. It’s no excuse for Jax, but she damn well may have thrown a punch that gave WrestleMania 35 a main event match featuring two women, the very first in the history of the company.

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