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Watch the WarGames 2018 cage get built

This should be pretty cool. WWE will be streaming a 360° video as their production crew puts together the WarGames cage for TakeOver tomorrow night (Sat., Nov. 17). Get a first peak at what Undisputed ERA, War Raiders, Pete Dunne & Ricochet will be throwing each other into and around in the main event at Staples Center in Los Angeles.

As a reminder, here are the rules for this year’s version of WWE’s version of this Dusty Rhodes’ creation:

  • The two teams will be contained in separate shark cages by the entranceway.
  • A member from each team is chosen to start the match.
  • Five minutes is put on the clock. When that time expires, a member from Undisputed ERA will enter the match.
  • Three minutes is then put on the clock. When that time expires, the next member from the team of Ricochet, Dunne & The War Raiders enters the match.
  • One member of each team will continue to enter the match in this pattern every three minutes until all eight Superstars have entered.
  • WarGames is officially sanctioned to be won once all the Superstars are in the match.
  • If anyone leaves the cage during the match, that Superstar’s team will automatically lose.
  • When someone is pinned or made to submit, WarGames is over.

And before you make comments/jokes about it needing a roof, remember, Triple H says they took that off to give the performers more chances to be creative. And you probably want to see Ricochet fly off that thing at some point, right?

Who’s ready for WarGames!?!?

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