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WWE cameras follow Becky Lynch as she learns she won’t be able to wrestle at Survivor Series

WWE is said to be building to a WrestleMania main event between Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey. With Becky on the shelf for a while until she’s cleared following the concussion and broken nose she suffered on Raw last Monday (Nov. 12), they have to be a little more creative in keeping her front of mind. They’ve also decided to use the injury and her being pulled from Survivor Series to signal they’re no longer trying to make Lynch a heel - from here on out, they’re going with the fact crowds want to cheer her.

The above video accomplishes all those things.

It’s almost entirely storyline-driven, but it uses the reality of her injury to advance kayfabe. Becky is hurt, and understandably upset when she learned Sunday’s match with Rousey was off. But she definitely didn’t get to pick her own replacement.

Everything else? Who knows! The exchanges with people backstage are probably legit, but could be staged. Did Becky really talk to her mother? Probably, but was what we see here the actual call? We never hear Mama Quinn’s voice, and the bit about ending the conversation when she encouraged Bex to take time off? Fits The Man’s narrative very nicely...

Just another reason it’s a smart piece of business, though. Keeps the Badlass prominent, builds to at least two future matches and you can play “work or shoot” with it.

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