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Enzo Amore’s version of why he got kicked off a plane involves undercover flight attendants, zero snitching

I kind of thought we, as a wrestling community, had left Real1 - aka Eric Arndt, fka Enzo Amore - in our collective past. But the way this “vaping on a plane” story has blown up, apparently I was wrong. Maybe folks are still into Zo (howudoin)? Or this silliness is an irresistable reason to dunk on him (cuppa haters)? Possibly both.

Whatever’s driven tons of you to click on stories about Real1 getting booted off a Delta Airlines flight for vaping, I’ve got some good news. The saga isn’t over yet! TMZ caught up with the Certified G and got his side of the story.

It’s still very Enzo:

“I’ll tell you what happened. A man in street clothes came up to me and he said ‘Are you vaping?’ And I’m not a snitch. Somebody was vaping around me, I ain’t saying who it was, but... Guy comes to me, he’s in street clothes, stands over me like he’s some kind of f***ing, ya know, honcho, and I says to the guy, “Are you a federal air marshall?’ And he said... “Mind your own business.” I said, “I asked you a question. Are you a federal air marshall?” And he said, “No.” So I said, “In that case, you can go sit the f*** down.” Turns out he was a f***ing flight attendant undercover. So they let me slide, though, they got me on the next flight. I ain’t mad at it.”

There you have it.

Real1 is not an informant, and flight attendants are hiding in plain sight all around us.

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