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Enzo Amore gets kicked off a plane for vaping


If you had vaping on a airplane as the next reason for why Enzo Amore is making headlines, then you are the winner.

How you doing?

When we last heard from the former two-time WWE cruiserweight champion, Amore was claiming he was done with pro wrestling and was 100% focused on his new career in hip-hop.

Now the latest report is that Amore was kicked off a Delta Airlines flight from New York to Los Angles after the former WWE star refused to stop vaping and didn’t listen to the instructions of the flight attendants.

Pro Wrestling Sheet with the report.

“Pro Wrestling Sheet has confirmed Enzo Amore was kicked off a plane on Thursday before takeoff for vaping and not following instructions from the flight attendants.

The flight was headed from JFK International Airport in New York to Los Angeles, but sources tell us things were halted due to Enzo not listening when he was told to stop vaping on the plane.”

The story would go on to say that the plane had to be turned around and go back to the gate so Amore could be removed.

Amore was on his way to California for a gig Monday night (Nov. 19) in Hollywood.

The 31-year-old Amore was released by the WWE back in Jan. 2018 following allegations of sexual assault. Eventually no formal charges were filed against Amore.

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