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The Miz reminds us he was right all along about Daniel Bryan

The Miz was right.

All the signs were there and instead of noticing them, we just watched as Daniel Bryan got himself two title shots at AJ Styles. After losing his first opportunity, Bryan received another chance this past Tuesday on SmackDown and bent the rules to capture the title.

Then the new WWE Champion may or may not have excessively kicked Styles in the head.

Who ‘s really counting?

You know who is keeping tabs and making sure everything is on the up and up? The Miz.

“I told you how Daniel Bryan really was but you chose to ignore me. I told who the real Daniel Bryan was but you chose to boo me. And now, after manipulating his way into title match after title match after title match, the true colors of Daniel Bryan are finally on display for the world to see. Was I right all along? YES! ”

Sorry Miz.

Babyface Miz, is that you?

Despite reports that Bryan’s title win was planned before Becky Lynch got injured on Raw, it did feel kind of sudden how quickly Bryan found himself in another title match with Styles.

If this gets us The Miz turning face to takedown the evil title reign of Daniel Bryan then maybe we can be sold on it.

With Bryan now a heel, how will The Miz and the WWE champion interact moving forward?

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