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Sounds like CM Punk appreciates fans chanting his name still (credit Esther Lin)

Did we just catch a twinkle in the eye of CM Punk when he was asked about pro wrestling?

Maybe its just allergies but Punk seemed genuinely thankful when asked about why WWE fans still chant his name. In an interview with the Associated Press, Punk comes to discuss his new MMA announcing gig but instead mostly just answers questions about his pro wrestling career.

When asked about WWE fans chanting his name, Punk gave this answer.

“You stop it and five years later people still talk about you? Fans still chant your name? That’s powerful to me.”

Punk would go on to address rumors about if he thought about having one more wrestling match.

“I don’t pay attention. People seem to get upset when I say that.”

Ah yes, that’s the CM Punk we know.

The 40-year-old two-time UFC fighter also spoke on if he’s really done taking on anymore MMA fights.

“Since my last fight, I’ve been juggling a half-dozen things. I kind of gave myself a deadline of the beginning of the new year to find out what is coming next. I don’t rule anything out, absolutely not.”

Despite reportedly receiving a full offer to compete at ALL IN in Chicago, Punk remains steadfast that he is done with pro wrestling but maybe not MMA.

Going by punk logic, in a roundabout way, did CM Punk just encourage for more fans to chant his name during WWE live events?

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