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Dana Brooke defends Lana to cap off a wild day of fallout from SmackDown’s invasion of Raw

Dana Brooke was just a supporting player in the show closing, red vs. blue brawl on Raw this past Monday (Nov. 12). And if you’re someone who (wisely, IMHO) doesn’t spend much time with social media, you probably haven’t given her role in current WWE events much thought.

However, if you are a frequent user of things like Twitter and Instagram (as I am, because I’m not wise), you likely know Brooke was one of the early suspects identified by internet sleuths as having injured Becky Lynch. Eventually, the fan-shot footage of Nia Jax punching Lynch in the face emerged, and it became clear that not only did Dana not bust Becky open, she might have been trying to cover/protect her after she took the shot from Nia. But that realization only came after she received a lot of calm, reasonable constructive criticism from fans (I may not be smart, but I am sarcastic).

Then, a clip of Lana holding back during a separate exchange with Brooke from the invasion segment started going around. This time, it wasn’t Dana who was the focus of the internet’s ire. But having just been through the experience, she stepped up to defend her fellow performer:

The wild part is the blood Lana saw which caused her to work softly and get harrassed might have been Becky’s, which Dana would have gotten on her when she was covering the injured Lynch... a move which led to her getting harrassed.

Maybe we should all log off for a while and try this whole internet wrestling fan thing again tomorrow.

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