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Nia Jax/Becky Lynch Twitter exchange quickly moves Raw incident into ‘work or shoot?’ territory

I have a theory. Almost everything in wrestling is a work, on a long enough timeline. The business’ carnival roots and reality show present make it so nearly every real incident between participants is eventually storyline fodder.

This Nia Jax thing is moving at lightspeed, though.

In case you’re been offline since the weekend, Becky Lynch was injured during a scripted brawl at the end of Raw on Monday night (Nov. 12). That forced WWE to pull Lynch from her highly anticipated match with Ronda Rousey, which had been scheduled for Survivor Series on Sun., Nov. 18. Fans isolated the moment where Becky suffered what was reported as a broken nose & a concussion (WWE called it a “broken face”), and a considerable amount of anger was directed at Nia for throwing the punch which caused the injuries.

To the surprise of most, the company didn’t try to kayfabe the incident when announcing that Lynch was being pulled from the pay-per-view (PPV), instead more or less throwing Jax under the bus to start SmackDown last night (Nov. 13).

Was that the result of Jax being in real life hot water with the girls & boys in the back, or the office? Who knows, but it’s definitely an angle now. Although it may also still be real?

Wrestling is weird.

Anyway, here’s Jax leaning into her heat, and Lynch definitely setting the table for a future program between them... but perhaps also promising to end her irl asap:

Work? Shoot? Either way, even with a concussion, Becky Lynch is The Man.

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