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Paige’s biopic ‘Fighting With My Family’ may have been delayed, but it still looks pretty good

At least based on this first full trailer The Rock sprung on the world this morning.

Often times when a movie gets its release date bumped back, that’s not a great sign for the studio’s faith in it and/or the way it turned out.

When it comes to the Dwayne Johnson-produced WWE Studios film based on Paige childhood and wrestling career, Fighting With My Family, we don’t know what the Hollywood machine thinks. And the finished product might still stink. But based on the first full trailer The Rock dropped on the world this morning, it looks pretty good to me.

It still leans heavily on Johnson’s role as himself, which isn’t surprising. There are other fairly well-known actors in the flick - including Florence Pugh as Paige, and Nick Frost & Lena Headey as her parents, wrestlers/promoters Ricky and Saraya Knight. But as he’d be the first to remind us, there’s only one Rock.

Check out the trailer above and let us know what you think. Fair warning, if you’re like me, it might take multiple viewings. I got derailed by faux-Charlotte Flair & not-Pete Dunne the first time through.

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