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Cup of coffee in the big time: Nia Jax is starting to build a long resume as an unsafe worker

Becky Lynch is out of her Survivor Series match with Ronda Rousey and Daniel Bryan is heel WWE champion.

A lot can happen in the span of 10 or so hours. And that’s part of what makes wrestling so intriguing as a fan. It’s also what can make it so frustrating — at least in the case of Lynch.

Nia Jax absolutely destroyed Lynch’s face with a punch, something that should not happen under any circumstance. Not hitting someone with a big ol’ potato is almost day one stuff when you’re learning to wrestle and Jax really let that punch fly.

Going back to late September, we saw Brie Bella knock out Liv Morgan with a kick to the face, but at least there was a lot of movement happening on the part of both women in that moment (Morgan leaned forward after the first Yes Kick and Brie threw the second slightly higher while she was still bent). With Jax and Lynch, Nia blasted a target standing in front of her who had already thrown a few worked punches.

Still, accidents do happen in wrestling and I’m not one to call for anyone’s head in those moments, even if it cost us a match we were all anticipating.

Going back to the Brie situation, it’s worth remembering the tweets Daniel Bryan sent in the aftermath.

So, yes, injuries happen from moves of all sorts, even the most routine parts of a wrestler’s “moveset.” And knowing that means taking a breath, moving away from overreactions and letting things work out.

Nia is building a bit of a resume of these sorts of things though. And WWE must review her work and take appropriate action to improve her work and protect the women she’ll be in the ring with.

Here we go with another long November day.