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Video appears to show where — and how — Becky Lynch was injured on Raw

WWE cameras didn’t really capture the exact moment where SmackDown Women’s champion Becky Lynch was busted open during the closing angle on Raw last night (Nov. 13). The edited version of the show which is on Hulu and the YouTube clip of the brawl between Raw and SmackDown’s women’s rosters don’t really show what happened, either.

Lynch is fighting in the corner with Naomi against Nia Jax. She goes down and comes to fight with Dana Brooke a bit. Shortly after that, she’s bleeding profusely from and above her nose.

Now there are reports that the blood was the result of a broken nose, and Lynch may have also suffered a concussion. Because of those injuries, word is her scheduled match with Ronda Rousey at this Sunday’s Survivor Series pay-per-view (PPV) is off.

That’s led to increased scrutiny about where, how and why the injury occurred. This video shot by a fan in attendance in Kansas City last night appears to answer a couple of those questions:

Provided this is legit - and there’s no obvious reason to doubt it, but this is the internet so who knows - a straight right hand from Jax would do it.

Legit or not, this will only add to the already growing fan anger directed toward Nia, and probably start another cycle similar to what we just went through with Brie Bella after Liv Morgan was injured, and that still swirls around Sasha Banks over the spot which reaggravated Paige’s neck issues and resulted in her retirement.

UPDATE: A better angle:

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