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Ronda Rousey just called Becky Lynch a millennial man

Ronda Rousey hates avocado toast.

This was Rousey’s chance to redeem herself after last week’s rambling promo on Becky Lynch and instead she just dissed dudes wearing skinny jeans.

During a backstage segment on Raw, Rousey tried to counter punch a week’s worth of Lynch hay-makers, and we’re not sure if she even connected. The delivery was vastly improved from Rousey but the message was again all over the place.

Uh huh.

Please go on.

Despite a few odd words choices, the Raw women’s champion did nail her “this is not SmackDown” and “fight like a girl” talking points. Those brief moments flashed some of Rousey’s untapped potential on the mic.

Can’t shake the thought of Vince McMahon having himself a good chuckle after reading about Ronda Rousey dunking on millennials. Also that Oliver Twist reference was umm something else.

What did you think about Rousy’s final promo on Becky Lynch before Survivor Series this Sunday?

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