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Stephanie McMahon returns, keeps as little control as everyone else around here

This may be one of the busiest opening segment of Raw in all of 2018.

What began as a tag team battle royal to determine the captain of Raw’s tag team elimination match ended with Braun Strowman punking Baron Corbin. Did we mention that Stephanie McMahon returned and Ronda Rousey showed up all in the first 10 minutes of Raw?

First, Strowman turned the tag team battle royal into a sea of jobbers. After The Monster Among Men eliminated everyone he parked himself in the middle of the ring and demanded to get his hands on Corbin. Instead McMahon came out to try and smooth the hostile situation over.

McMahon kind of just made it worst.

Raw’s commissioner bowed to every single one of Strowman’s demands, all in the hopes of getting the Monster to be on her five man Survivor Series squad. In exchange for his services Strowman got himself a Universal title shot, an one on one match with Corbin and only had to agree to keep his hands off of Raw’s active GM until after Survivor Series.

Then Rousey showed up and didn’t really say much. The Raw women’s champ was fed up with Becky Lynch and threatened to take her anger out on McMahon before Corbin showed up.

With Stephanie McMahon back in the fold, how else will she affect this week’s episode of Raw as well as Survivor Series this Sunday?

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