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Cup of coffee in the big time: Ahead of Survivor Series, Ronda Rousey just can’t hang with Becky Lynch

Let’s ease into the week with a quick topic rundown before the next several days wear us all down with overanalyzing everything from all the damn wrestling we watch.

EVOLVE and NXT have made for a beautiful relationship - EVOLVE’s shows have received a big shot in the arm from the NXT relationship. The access to talent that does not work around the independents gives EVOLVE the opportunity to put on unique matches you’re not seeing every weekend.

And for the NXT talent, there’s nothing better for your game than wrestling. So guys like The Street Prophets are getting more work than they would be otherwise and that should make them better in the long run.

Check out the recaps here: EVOLVE 115 - EVOLVE 116.

Survivor Series builds aren’t great for Ronda Rousey - Rousey is not great on the mic, but she has massive presence. A lot of that presence comes from her position as a constant physical threat. WWE has done a good job of selling her ability and willingness to throw anyone and everyone around should the mood strike.

The problem with her Survivor Series set-up is the lack of an opponent on Raw. Instead of feeling dangerous, Rousey is getting destroyed in the promo battle by Becky Lynch (which carries over to social media).

Not that there’s any woman — or man — on the roster Lynch can’t expertly drag right now, but Rousey needs to be in the ring with Lynch to feel like she’s on the level, and not having that until Sunday means we’re likely in for another painfully bad Rousey promo tonight.

Monday hit me quick, but let’s get through it.

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