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Stone Cold’s not drinking beer, and nothing seems right in the world

Austin face

In all seriousness, this item - passed along by Sports Illustrated from The Steve Austin Show podcast - is great. The 53 year old WWE Hall of Famer is focusing on his health, including getting “flexible as a motherf*****” with a DDP Yoga regimen. And it sounds like the whole abstaining from alcohol part is only temporary. Stone Cold says he’s “getting in shape for a project he’s got coming up,” not foresaking booze forever.

I mean, the most recent episode of the pod is dedicated to his margarita recipe and his life as a drinker. Sounds like there will be cold ones lifted again in the future.

Still, it’s jarring to think of a Austin without a Steveweiser. And given how protective he is of his character, to even hear him talk about life without one of the staple of the gimmick.

But here we are, with the Texas Rattlesnake two days away from four weeks without a drink (as of the show which dropped on Weds., Nov. 8).

Pop open a Stone Cold Soda and give us a “heck yeah!” We imagine by the next time WWE calls Austin to give a McMahon a Stunner on an anniversary show, the El Segundo Broken Skull IPAs will be flowing once more.

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