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Randy Orton gives an honest answer on why he’s working Crown Jewel

If nothing else Randy Orton is honest.

WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia is less than 24 hours away and the whole event just feels like its just going through the motions. There’s this grand WWE show in a far away country, in front of 70,000, with a few important titles on the line but the event is just there.

Whatever buzz or momentum the WWE could have had for Crown Jewel has been fumbled away on multiple occasion by the promotion.

Maybe its just the price of doing business for the world’s largest pro wrestling promotion.

One person who will be competing at Crown Jewel, and has already come to terms with it, is Randy Orton. Before taking the transatlantic flight, Orton was stopped by TMZ Sports for a brief interview.

In a somewhat awkward airport conversation, Orton is first asked about John Cena pulling out of the event.

“People pulled out? Does he still wrestle?” I didn’t know he pulled out.”

Then The Viper is asked about if the rest of the WWE roster is comfortable with the event.

“We’re at the airport aren’t we (laughs)? I’ve got 5 kids. I gotta go make that dollar. If they want me in Saudi, I’m going to Saudi.”

Orton out here stealing poor Heath Slater’s gimmick.

There is only so much the WWE men’s locker room can do when it comes to Crown Jewel. Cena and Daniel Bryan took a stand, for very different reasons, but not every wrestler on the roster is in a position where they can stand up to the company they work for and say ‘no’.

Besides Cena and Bryan, who else in the WWE could have said no to working at Crown Jewel?

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